A bed in the sky is a traveler’s ultimate dream, but as many of you who travel in business or first class know that many seats—even the ones we pay the most for—are not as comfortable as our beds at home.

But that’s not the case anymore with the SIMBA Air-Hybrid®, “the world’s most advanced airline seat promising the ultimate sleep environment” for those of you who have a challenging and never-ending travel schedule.

This airline seat design has been incorporated with SIMBA’s mattress technology, featuring Aerocoi pocket springs, memory foam, heat regulation, and body support—the best comfort you can ever imagine on an airplane. Moreover, the seat reclines automatically into a position known as “zero-g”, allowing you to lay down without adding pressure on your back and spine. As a result, your body can regulate blood flow for an even more comfortable flight.

Interestingly enough, the seat design was created after the company spoke with Gareth Bale, a Welsh professional footballer (who plays for Real Madrid and the Wales national team). The conversation centered around the idea of how to get the best sleep at 36,000 feet on red-eye flights.

James Cox, the founder of SIMBA, said, “When we first met Gareth, he raised a challenge we hadn’t thought of – what happens when you need a good night’s sleep but you can’t get to your bed at home? The SIMBA Air-Hybrid is our solution—a design that is every bit as comfortable as the mattresses that our customers enjoy at home. The feedback to the prototype has been so positive that we are now in final stage negotiations with both commercial and private airlines who want to adopt the Air-Hybrid.”

So far there’s not enough information to see which lucky airline will install these dream suites, but we can for certain say that we’ll be ready for them!

Looking for a quick virtual tour? Then check out this video below, featuring Gareth Bale, courtesy of SIMBA.