LAX just went up a notch for all you VIPs out there who want to avoid LAX public terminal. Now you can experience going through a private terminal with top-of-the-line amenities, celebrity-style.

Beginning May 15, you will be able to pay $2,000 to access LAX’s “The Private Suite”, designed for those of you flying in business or first class. Say goodbye to paparazzi!

From private check-in, TSA screening and customs to chauffeur service right up to the airplane—this is the ultimate airport experience that will make traveling completely stress-free. Here’s what you can expect:

(Video source: Business Insider / YouTube)

The base price starts at $2,000 but can increase depending on the package you’ve selected. For instance,  you can choose to pay $2,000 each time. If you decide to use one of the terminal’s lounges, you can end up paying an additional $2,000 if you decide to book a room that’s private or shared. Or, you can pay a $7,500 membership fee for an entire year, which allows you to use the terminal’s amenities at a discounted rate as well as freebies like a massage before your flight.

“The Private Suite”, as this VIP terminal has been named, can be found alongside the Airport’s main runways.

If you decide to use “The Private Suite”, you will no longer have to wait in traffic to pull up, or in long lines to get your ticket.

The terminal will service flights flying domestically as well as internationally. If you don’t sign up for the $7,500 yearly membership fee, you will have to spend between $2,000 and $3,500 if you’re flying domestically, and $2,500 and $4,000 if you’re flying internationally. If you choose to have a private lounge while you wait, then you’ll be paying the larger amount within that bracket.

As I mentioned earlier, this terminal allows for hassle-free lines—from check-in to TSA screening and customs. It’s a total breeze.

In terms of the amenities, you can book a luxury, non-private suites that can accompany anywhere between eight to ten people. If you’re looking to book a private one, those are smaller and can accompany around one to four people.

But that’s not all. Each person who has booked a private suite get’s an eight-person team assigned to them. That’s eight people to one person! They will give you all the essentials that you may have forgotten to bring with you—headphones, iPhone chargers, dress shirts and blouses, ties, socks, belts and shoes. Not that’s living on the high end.

Each suite has its own bathroom, fridges that are stocked with everything you need, and a vending-type of a machine full of complimentary snacks.

After you’ve taken your nap, ate, drank and are ready to board, you will be transported from the private terminal to the plane (and vice-versa if you’re coming back into LAX) in a BMW. Your total step count from the car to the plane is less than 80. No heavy lifting required.

Are you ready to be pampered like this?