Air New Zealand has just stepped it up another notch with the opening of their new lounge in Melbourne Airport.

This modern, 21st-century lounge is now 80 percent larger than the one it replaced (and to be frank, the old lounge was way overdue for an upgrade).

Those flying in business and first class, along with elite cardholders and Gold members can now enjoy all the luxuries the new lounge has to offer. From delicious dining and pre-order coffee waiting for you to indulge in, to private working spaces and play areas for kids—Air New Zealand’s lounge is the perfect hangout spot for those of you who want to unwind and relax before your flight is ready for takeoff.

Let’s take a look at what you can expect once you step inside:


Although the lounge is very modern, the colors and design are very welcoming—with tones and lighting that ease you into relaxation.

The lounge is divided into different zones for eating, working, playing (for kids) and unwinding. And regardless where you are, there’s a USB and AC socket located at every seat (check underneath you if you don’t see it right away). Some seats even have wireless charging pods for those of you with Smartphones that have these built-in features.


If you want to relax closer to the food, there’s plenty of space to do that in their large dining area full of tables, chairs and leather seats. It’s so large that the area can sit up to 249 passengers.

The buffet is pleasantly good—even if it doesn’t offer a “live cooking” section. Are you looking for something light? Then grab a fresh wrap or salad, or even a pumpkin or carrot pea soup. Yum! There’s also a large selection of cheeses that you can snack on while sipping on delectable wine.

Are you a coffee, latte or cappuccino type of person? The lounge offers an extensive selection of coffee-based drinks that you can order on a tablet atop the counter, which will be ready and served to you in minutes.

Work and Relax

Once you’re ready to get down to some business, Air New Zealand’s new lounge has workspaces with leather chairs, as well as nooks with built-in couches along the wall. If you need to close your eyes for a little bit, this is also the place for you to do so.


For those of you traveling with kids, there’s a play space featuring a TV with kid-friendly films and cartoons, toys and plenty of games to keep them busy for several hours. The area is sectioned away from the lounge’s “quiet zone”, that way, children can have their fun without disturbing everyone else in the large lounge with noises.

Freshen Up

One of the best perks of hanging out in a lounge—especially if you’re transferring from one flight to another, traveling for hours—is having the ability to freshen up in-between. Air New Zealand’s new lounge has private shower suites with all the shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc., provided. What more do you need?

Air New Zealand has finally made the change that was well overdue, creating a lounge that meets the fits the modern-day traveler needs and wants. From comfortable (and spacious) seating areas, delicious food and drinks, play areas for kids and showers to help you feel new again, this lounge has everything you need as you continue on your journey.

For a virtual tour, check out the video below, courtesy of Airside Projects.