VIP jets are all the rage these days—from Lufthansa’s A350 Private Jet or Lufthansa’s partnership with Mercedes-Benz jet to the exclusive cruise line above the clouds by AirCruise. And to add on to the envy for anyone who has the privilege to fly in any one of them, Airbus has released their corporate jet with a hefty price tag of US$99.5 million (and that doesn’t even include the plane’s interior).

Named the Infinito, this magnificent five-star hotel above 30,000 feet is available on the Airbus ACJ319neo. Infinito, meaning “infinity” in Italian, derives from the sky ceiling that spreads across the top of the plane, giving it a more spacious feel. Aside from the sky, which by the way is a live HD video of the real sky above, the panel can display any image you like. Looking for some stars during the day? Turn a switch and you can be looking up at the most beautiful night sky you’ve ever seen. Or, change it to a beach scene, and you can be seeing water and palm trees right above your head. It’s the perfect way to set the mood just right.

Here’s what this beauty looks like from the inside:

(Video source: Around Us / YouTube)


From the moment you step inside, you will notice that almost every part of the plane is covered in wood, fiber or leather, giving it a sleek, modern yet welcoming feel.

As you make your way into the center part of the jet, you are greeted by a large, open space where and your guests can come together to socialize. The area features a dining room that can seat up to six people, as well as a separate area for one to relax on their own. Feel free to pull out the folding table and get some work done before your next meeting (if that’s on your schedule).

Drink Up

Walk down a bit further through a glass divider, and you’ll end up at the Infinito bar…yes a bar! Three seats pop out beside you, allowing you and your guests to chitchat and sip on a good drink (or two) as you enjoy the view outside the windows located directly behind the seats.


Ready to unwind away from your social crowd? Head over to the entertainment room, separated by more glass, which by the way can become opaque with a touch of a button.

This room has a large HD TV, as well as a very comfortable leather couch for you (and up to three more guests) to stretch out on. It’s the place to catch a current game or a chick flick, or whatever else you prefer.


Need to knock out for several hours? Make your way yet to another room—a spacious bedroom with a massive bed. Lights in the bedroom as well as throughout the cabin can be dimmed to suit your mood.

Freshen Up

Adjacent to the bedroom is the shower room that’s equipped with a two-sink basin, wood floors and a toilet seat. Who said you can’t freshen up while soaring over 30,000 feet above the sky?

The ACJ319neo is designed to carry up to eight passengers comfortably, flying up to 15 hours without stopping. This gives you ample time to sit, relax, chat, drink, snack and even snooze for several hours before you reach your destination. Are you ready to fly in style?