Starting this July, Japan Airlines will install their newest business class seat—the Sky Suite III—across their Boeing 787’s (a.k.a. Dreamliners). These seats will be available on the 787’s that will start flying from Tokyo Narita to Kuala Lumpur. Later in the year, these retrofitted business class seats will be available on the Sydney to Tokyo route, and then on the route from Melbourne to Tokyo.

With this upgrade, the entire business class cabin will increase from 44 to 52 seats without reducing the number of seats in either premium economy or economy. If you purchase tickets early enough, you may be able to snag the five business seats in the “mini-cabin”, located right behind first class. This is the most private area on the plane, and of course, the most popular one of choice.

Luckily, these seats are designed in the most favorable layout, a 1-2-1, giving every passenger access to the aisle. (Say goodbye to stepping over the person beside you.)

So for those of you who will fly (or are looking to fly) aboard the JAL Dreamliner in the near future, here’s what you can expect from the Sky Suite III business class.

(Video Source: japanairlinesjp / YouTube)

The seat comfortably converts into a long 78-inch bed that lies fully flat and extends to about 21 inches wide. Each one is equipped with a 17 inch HD screen, offering you over hundreds of options to keep you entertained—movies, videos, audio programs, games and Sky Manga (digital books).

Aside from the entertainment, the seat has movable armrests (on the aisle-side) that can be adjusted to allow for more bed space. Plus, you can store smaller items underneath, within arm’s reach.

And for those who are not traveling with someone but are sitting beside a neighbor, your seat comes with an adjustable side panel so that you can have just the right amount of privacy. (Sorry neighbor, not today.)

Sitting next to a window? Then you’re in luck! Most window seats have three windows—lots of light to make the space seem even larger. And if you’re looking for a bit more privacy, (and you are not one of the lucky few who will have a seat in the “mini-cabin”), then your best bet is to book a window seat. Unless, of course, you are traveling with a friend or partner.

Overall, the Sky Suite III business class seat is an upgrade that Japan Airlines Dreamliners are in need of, especially since it’s only been available on the Boeing 777 since last year. Moving forward into the future, we hope that the carrier will retrofit all of their other business class seats with the Sky Suite III.