Flying in an airplane is a privilege, and with that comes rules. Because let’s face it, without them, flying would be much more chaotic than it currently is.

But aside from buckling up your seatbelt, storing your laptop and other larger electronics, and putting away your tray tables for take-off and landing, there are other rules that are strange, but if not followed, it can cost you your seat and your ticket. And no, we’re not talking about an overbooked flight.

So for those of you who like to stay on the safe side, here are some rules for you to consider the next time you fly:

Poor Hygiene Is Risky

Please watch your bodily odors! Passengers who board a United, Delta or American Airlines flight can be removed from the flight if they have extremely poor hygiene. There was a case in 2010 when a passenger had to deboard the flight because several passengers complained about his odor.

Shoes Are Required

No matter how you live your lifestyle at home, your shoes must be on when boarding a plane. This is also for safety reasons, in case of an emergency evacuation.

Tame That Hair

This goes for British Airways and Hawaiian Airlines flight attendants, who are not allowed to wear their hair in an “unconventional” way. This means no “unnatural colors (i.e., blue, purple), top-knots, dreadlocks, cornrows and Mohawks”. For American Airlines flight crew, their hair must be less than “three inches in fullness and may not wave or curl outward to extreme volume”. Say goodbye to that 60s look!

And for men? They have rules against facial hair as well. United does not allow for “trendy facial hair styles (e.g., a small patch of hair growing below lower lip)”, and “mustaches may not extend more than ¼ inch below the sides of the mouth”. Jet Airways is even stricter, saying that flight attendants have to have “a clear complexion (scars, pimples and blemishes not acceptable)”.

Emotional Support Animals Are OK

Ever flown with a dog on board? Most airlines accept dogs, however United bans pit bulls and “certain unusual animals/reptiles” (snakes, ferrets, spiders, etc.), due to safety and health reasons.

United accepts monkeys, but only if they are small enough to fit in the space underneath the seat in front of you. And for passengers flying aboard Etihad can bring up to two Falcons with them onboard.

Not All Babies Can Fly

If you’re flying with an infant that’s between the ages of seven and fourteen days old, you won’t be able to board. It can put the baby at risk.

Rowdiness Will Get You Kicked Off

Remember, flying is a privilege, not a right. Acting up, causing chaos or picking a fight with a flight attendant or even another passenger can give you the boot. Korean Airlines recently implemented a law that can not only prevent a passenger with a history of unruly behavior from boarding but also allows the flight crew to carry a taser in case of an unruly traveler.

Pilots Must Be Silent Until They’ve Reached 10,000 Feet

The Sterile Cockpit Rule, which took effect in 1974, states that pilots cannot chit-chat about anything unrelated to flying during to take-off and landing. The rule only applies when the plane is below 10,000 feet. Save that juicy gossip until a cruising altitude has been reached!