The flag carrier of Israel—EL AL—revealed their upgraded business class seat on their Dreamliner during the summer, and only a few weeks ago began flying their 787 to the US.

The airline’s business class cabin has been decades behind, which makes this refresh a complete game-changer for EL AL, with fully-flat beds and a 1-2-1 configuration, in addition to soft finishes and excellent service.

For those of you who will be flying from the US to Israel and back on EL AL, here’s what you can experience aboard their Dreamliner while sitting in their new business class seat.

Unlike its predecessor, this new seat converts into a fully-flat bed measuring 78-inches, allowing you to stretch out comfortably. Plus, the cushions have an ergonomic design that gives your neck and back ideal support.

For those traveling with families, the middle two seats are the way to go, for those flying individually, we recommend the single ones located by the windows on either side of the aircraft. Of course, if you are alone, but are left seated in one of the middle seats, you don’t need to worry about your neighbor. The adjustable side panel can be opened and closed to allow for more privacy.

When it comes to staying preoccupied, their TV screen and selection of entertainment options do not disappoint. Enjoy watching the latest shows, films or listening to music on the 16-inch HD touchscreen, which can all be powered from an interactive handset. The system offers you over 100 films, 250 TV episodes, and 200 music albums, audiobooks, game and city guides.

Ready for a visual tour? We recommend checking out the short video below, courtesy of EL AL.