A few months ago, Malaysia Airlines revealed brand new business class seats for their A350s, which will debut in two years. But the best is yet to come.

Their fresh, business class suites that have also been installed on the new A350s are on a whole new level. Similar to that of the Delta One suite, Malaysia Airlines business class suites are uniquely designed for ultimate privacy—and there are only four of them in the primer cabin.

The design is a customized version of the business class seat by Thompson Aero Seating’s Vantage XL, which several different carriers have already installed on their A350s.

Let’s take a look at what you can expect flying in business class on Malaysia Airlines.

To offer you the type of privacy you would expect for the price of the seat, each suite is designed with direct aisle access, high walls, and a door that slides open and closed. This eliminates the need to see your neighbor throughout your flight. But if you are traveling with a partner, make sure to book the middle row, which features dividers that can be easily opened or closed.

The seat itself measures 22 inches wide and 86 inches long, with ample space to stretch out and catch some zzz’s on the long-haul. (The seat is about 5 inches longer than what you would get if you were sitting in business class.)

For those of you who love space to place your items, a long shelf has been installed to the side with three substantial-sized bins to keep your items all within reach. If you lift the bin that’s closest to your seat, you will discover a large mirror hidden underneath the lid. Magic! 😉

Malaysia Airlines business class suites also feature integrated seat controls nearby, as well as a touchscreen device for the 24 inch HD entertainment screen located at the end of the suite, straight in front of you. With hundreds of shows, films, games, and music to choose from, you will always find something to keep you preoccupied.

Overall, the airline is optimistic about the new suites, hoping that the amount of privacy it offers, the superior sleeping conditions, direct aisle access, mouth-watering dishes, exquisite drinks, and intricate designs will justify the cost.

Take a flight in Malaysia Airlines business class suites by booking a ticket on the Kuala Lumpur to/ from London route.

For a quick tour, preview the video below, courtesy of Malaysia Airlines.