Norway’s capital is a glorious destination with a history that dates back to 1040 AD. Situated in the southern part of the country, Oslo offers travelers a view of a fjord called Oslofjord on one side of the city, while the rest of it is surrounded by a gorgeous landscape of mountains and trees.

From exquisite dining experiences and luxurious shopping to cultural history and world-class museums, Oslo is the destination for anyone looking for a Nordic experience with fascinating views. And for those who want to take on Oslo outside of the norm, here are the city’s top hidden gems we love so much.


The people of Norway love their coffee and drink it endlessly. And because of this, you can find a coffee shop in every street corner (almost).

One of the best places for those who love the unconventional is Kaffefuglen, which means “coffee bird”. Designed in a 1960s style, the cafe serves excellent and strong coffee, as well as cocktails in the evening on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. This place is a must for coffee lovers.

Hovedøya Abbey

After coffee and breakfast, it’s time to explore.

Norway has a long history that dates back hundreds of years, and with that comes ancient buildings and sites such as Hovedøya Abbey. The monetary was established in 1147 by English monks. At first, the monks built a church and the Abby later on, devoting it to the Virgin Mary.

It wasn’t until a few hundred years later that the monetary was burned down, and another hundred years for remains to found in the mid-1800s. Now, you can visit what is left of the monastery—a short trip via a ferry outside of Oslo’s center.

Viking Biking & Viking Hiking

Once you’ve had your coffee and explored the monastery, the best way to see Oslo is by bike. With Viking Biking & Viking Hiking, you can take a three-hour bike tour accompanied by a guide.

While cruising, you get to see the royal palace, castle, city hall, and the gorgeous Oslofjord. The best part is that you can stop and explore as you wish when you wish to do so. Everything is on your time!


After a day of exploring, dining at an exquisite restaurant is a must. For those who are looking for traditional Norwegian dishes in a place that brings you back a hundred years, Engebret is the place to spend your evening with friends, family or partner.

The restaurant is in a building that was constructed in the 18th century, serving traditional food that shifts with the season. From seafood in the spring to meet in the fall, this 150-year-old, romantic, white tablecloth restaurant never disappoints.


After you’ve filled your belly with mouth-watering meals, head over to Grünerløkka, a neighborhood filled with bars, music clubs, boutiques and cafes. On the weekends, you can enjoy strolling through a market, going from one stall to another with vendors selling jewelry, kitchen items, snacks and other trinkets that can make unique gifts for anyone back home.

Aside from shopping and eating, you can also enjoy a day at one of the few small parks in Grünerløkka. It’s one of the hippest places in Oslo, and will require a lot of walking!

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