A new year means another round of awards! Last year’s award winner for the best airport was Singapore’s Changi, and this year’s award goes to…Singapore Changi, once again. This makes it the ninth time the airport has won this prestigious award.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Singapore Changi, a gorgeous airport, remains number one, especially with all the recent renovations, most notably the opening of Terminal 4 at the end of last year. In 2019, it will open Jewel Changi Airport, an extension featuring vortexes, a hotel, gardens and attractions.

Following Singapore Changi was South Korea’s Incheon Airport in the number two spot, Tokyo Haneda in number three, Hong Kong in number four, and Qatar’s Doha Hamad Airport in number five.

Aside from the world’s best overall airport, other airport awards included World’s Most Improved Airport, World’s Cleanest Airport, World’s Best for Dining, World’s Best for Shopping, and World’s Best for Activities. Here’s who made the list on this years top ten for each of those categories.

World’s Top 10 Airports

1. Singapore Changi
2. Incheon
3. Tokyo Haneda
4. Hong Kong
5. Doha Hamad
6. Munich
7. Centrair Nagoya
8. London Heathrow
9. Zurich
10. Frankfurt

World’s Most Improved Airports

1. Rome Fiumicino
2. Perth
3. Calgary
4. Taiwan Taoyuan
5. Athens
6. Nadi
7. Montreal
8. Moscow Sheremetyevo
9. Houston Intercontinental
10. Manila

World’s Cleanest Airports

1. Tokyo Haneda
2. Centrair Nagoya
3. Incheon
4. Taiwan Taoyuan
5. Singapore Changi
6. Tokyo Narita
7. Hong Kong
8. Zurich
9. Doha Hamad
10. Helsinki

World’s Best Airports for Dining

1. Hong Kong
2. Singapore Changi
3. Incheon
4. Tokyo Narita
5. Doha Hamad
6. Munich
7. Houston Intercontinental
8. Vienna
9. London Heathrow
10. Rome Fiumicino

World’s Best Airport for Shopping

1. London Heathrow
2. Singapore Changi
3. Hong Kong
4. Doha Hamad
5. Amsterdam
6. Incheon
7. Dubai
8. Rome Fiumicino
9. Paris CDG
10. Frankfurt

World’s Best Airport for Leisure Amenities

1. Singapore Changi
2. Incheon
3. Doha Hamad
4. Amsterdam
5. Hong Kong
6. Munich
7. Taiwan Taoyuan
8. Zurich
9. Frankfurt
10. Centrair Nagoya