This year’s Skytrax Award for the World’s Best Airport went to Singapore Changi, making it the sixth year in a row (nine awards total since 2000) the airport has won.

Nonetheless, airports around the world received other notable awards such as World’s Best Airport Baggage Delivery, World’s Best Transit Airport, World’s Best Low-Cost Airline Terminals, World’s Best Airport Staff Service, and Best Airports by Global Region. In our case, we looked at the top ten in North America—here’s who made it to this year’s list.

No. 1: Vancouver International Airport

This year’s number one spot goes to Vancouver International Airport (YVR), making it the ninth year in a row the airport has been in first place for this category. Travelers who fly in and out of YVR, recognize its pleasant staff, the organization on the ground, and the ease of which they can go downtown via an airport train.

No. 2: Denver International Airport

Number two on this year’s list is Denver International Airport (DEN), which makes it number one in the US. Aside from this category, DEN has also been ranked number three in the Best Airport Serving 50-60 million passengers per year, which is the highest for any U.S. airport, number four in the World’s Best Regional Airport, and number four in the Best Airport Staff in North America.

No.3: Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) lands in number three on this year’s list. Even though it’s a small airport, those who travel in and out say that CVG is efficient thanks to its short lines, a design that really opens up the place, and a large collection of murals throughout the airport.

No. 4: Toronto Pearson International Airport

Canada’s other major airport, Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) comes in at number four. YYZ is the busiest in the country and has some of the best equipment for de-icing. Travelers who venture into and out of the airport report that one best quality about Toronto Pearson is the ease at which they can navigate due to its design and signs throughout.

No. 5: George Bush Intercontinental Airport

The US airport—George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH)—ranks number five (in the US it’s in the number three spot). IAH is one of the busiest airports in the country (43 million yearly passengers), and one of United’s biggest hubs, and connects travelers to over 160 destinations worldwide. Aside from this category, George Bush Intercontinental Airport ranked number nine in the Best Airports by Passenger Number for 40-50 million.

No. 6: Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Atlanta’s International Airport, Hartsfield-Jackson (ATL) sits at number six. Connecting over 101.5 million passengers per year, the airport has been known for lots of traffic and flight delays. As a result, ATL built a new terminal for international arrivals/ departures, which has greatly helped to mitigate such issues. Apart from its size, Hartsfield-Jackson has an array of dining options serving Southern food, and large amounts of African art on display.

No. 7: San Francisco International Airport

Number seven on this list is our very own San Francisco International Airport (SFO). Set as the gateway for flights to Asia, SFO is a large airport and United’s other major hub. The airport connects travelers to 128 cities worldwide on 52 carriers (both domestic and international).

SFO has also received the Best Airport Staff in North America award, and is the first in the world to achieve triple-zero—zero carbon, zero waste to landfill, and zero net energy (unless from renewable).

No. 8: Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

Another US airport, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) comes in at number eight. Ranked as the fourth busiest in the US, DFW—like a few other major airports in the US—is a major port for those traveling to Latin America.

Travelers coming in and out of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport say that the airport not only offers an efficient way to transfer from one terminal to the next, but it also has a welcoming, open atmosphere (thanks to its circular design).

No. 9: Seattle-Tacoma International Airpor

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), or better known as Sea-Tac, is second from the last on this year’s list. Out of 100 airports in the world, SEA ranks 50th. The airport connects travelers to multiple destinations throughout the world.

Other notable features passengers have commented on is the airport’s cleanliness, large selection of dining choices, and a baggage system that’s quite effective.

No. 10: Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport

Last but not least is Canada’s Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL), which continues to grow and expand its connection to other destinations worldwide. Currently, it’s the country’s “most international” airport, offering travelers flights to 89 international destinations and 57 domestic. YUL also was rated number six in the “Best Airport Staff Service in North America”.