Last year, KLM introduced its brand new World Business Class on the Boeing 787. But with the airline looking to save money and increase revenue at the same time, KLM (as with many other carriers nowadays) has turned to more modern, versatile and highly efficient products such as the Airbus 330.

With the rollout of these newer planes, KLM decided that it too needed to retrofit their business class to suit the new jets. Let’s take a look at the new KLM business class on the A330.

The interior, created by Hella Jongerius, features KLM’s unique, fresh design using different shades of blues and grey to represent the cool landscapes of the Netherlands. (A similar concept we’ve seen on Lufthansa’s updated business class.) The seats, sown from high-quality sheep’s wool, is the finest of its kind and allows for superior comfort for those sitting up or laying down.

One of the biggest changes you’ll see (for those who are frequent flyers) is the “sleeper seat”, which converts into a fully-flat bed, and measures 81 inches long—enough to accommodate even the taller passengers. (The older designs did not recline flat, which did not allow for the type of comfort many expect in a premier cabin.)

Another mentionable upgrade is the larger entertainment system, measuring 18 inches, and featuring music, 3D flight tracking, T.V. shows, and over 200 films. Who said boredom was even possible?

Other features the airline has updated for its business class is the personal handset to control the entertainment screen, audio description for those visually impaired, noise-canceling headphones, and A/C and USB sockets to keep your devices charged at all times.

By the end of this year, all remaining A330-200 and A330-300 jets will be retrofitted with the new World Business Class seats. So with that said, who’s ready for takeoff? For a full preview, check out the video below, courtesy of the Luxury Travel Expert.