Every aspect of travel constantly changes as technology becomes more advanced, allowing all of us to access and get insight into almost any destination in the world.

From how we plan, where we go, how we book and what we do—travel transforms year after year. So what has changed? Let’s take a look at emerging travel trends for 2018:

Unique Experiences

One of the first major trends that continues to grow year after year is the exploration of new places off the beaten path. More and more travelers are looking to fine-tune their itinerary to include the city’s hidden gems and avoid the over-touristy spots. The most visited sites are becoming (or have become) so popular that many are not as enjoyable as they were a few years or even a decade ago, thanks to growth in tourism.

Travelers can attest that the little eateries, smaller markets, and other sites can offer a better cultural experience for those who want to be more adventurous when they travel.

Culinary Excursions

Another emerging travel trend for 2018 is culinary excursions. Travelers are hungry…for food! No matter where we go, we have to eat, and for many, that has become a reason to go somewhere. From Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain and Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern to Instagram and Facebook, the media has opened our eyes to new cuisines and delicacies we can travel to, to eat. And with new services like EatWith and Meal Sharing—the culinary journey is booming more than it ever has before.

Digital Authentication

Third on our list of travel trends is facial recognition technology, which is expanding throughout airports around the world. They are used by governments at border control to help identify illegal aliens using a false identity, and at departure gates to check people into a flight. Airlines are insisting and pushing airports to adapt to the new technology, as it will help make everything much more efficient.

Home-like Stays

Hotels are out and homes are in—that’s the direction many travelers are taking when booking their stays wherever they go. Hotels are not spacious, nor are they always available. Plus, some destinations only offer a few hotels that may not be top-of-the-line. As a result, and because you can get a large bang for your buck, people have turned to luxury vacation homes that are up for rent for days or even weeks at a time.

Now, you can feel home away from home at other apartments and houses you can rent out entirely. It can’t get more amazing than being in a cute bungalow near a beach with your own private amenities (kitchen, bedroom, dining room, living room, and even a pool and deck), for instance.

Airbnb is the most popular of this type of service, but there are others such as HomeAwayVacasa, Innclusive and Boutique Homes that are just as good (if not better).

Flying in Comfort for Less

Last but not least on our list of emerging travel trends for 2018 is the need to travel in comfort for less—be it in business or first class. More and more people are choosing comfort when flying long-haul, and with credit cards that earn miles and companies such as ours that has access to unpublished fares, the option to fly in style is becoming easier and easier without the hefty price tag.

And, with business class and first class seats becoming more luxurious than ever before, travelers are finding ways to get that fully-flat bed, caviar and Dom Perignon, and private suites without hurting their bank accounts. With airlines continuously reducing the space and comfort in economy, it’s no wonder this trend is becoming more popular.

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