Some of you may have heard of United’s new Polaris Business Class lounge that just opened in San Francisco International Airport (SF))—which is a huge bonus for those traveling on any Star Alliance airline via SFO. But that’s not the only improvement the airport is receiving.

Beginning next year through 2022, SFO Terminal 1 will be getting an entirely new face, and it’s about time.

Woods Bagot, the architectural company in charge of revamping SFO Terminal 1, will be doing so in four steps, covering an entire 51,129 square feet of space. The goal is to create an area that’s very comfortable and similar in nature to “the environment of Northern California”.

What does that mean exactly?

The airport will feature more restaurants and shops, as well as sections displayed with various art, and even more technology to make navigating through the terminal more efficient. There will also be sections for relaxing, designed in a way that doesn’t interfere with the flow of traffic, and allows passengers to “chill-out”. Additionally, travelers will be able to enjoy a park area that feels outdoorsy to “encourage play”, kid-sized play spaces (which the airport is requesting recommendations on from parents), and a modern marketplace where they can purchase food and gifts.

In order to achieve such a scene, Woods Bagot will design each space with different types of stone and wood.

The total value of this overhaul is valued at $2.4 billion USD, which would also include a newly redesigned second floor, ticketing area, and walking passages that will connect one terminal to the next.

It’s been 60 years since SFO Terminal 1 has seen any kind of major upgrade, and we’re excited to know (and soon see) that SFO is taking a step into the 21st century with this new revamp.