Airbus has designed some insanely expensive and gorgeous private jets, including “Melody” and “Infinito”, which are made for the outrageously wealthy. Now, the airplane manufacturer has designed another private jet dubbed “Harmony”, and for those who have the luxury of stepping inside will feel as though they are in a spaceship.

Sylvain Mariat, the creative designer, expresses how this concept “break[s] the conventions that are traditionally imposed” on cabin designs in order to be unique based on what customers want. So for those who can only dream of flying aboard one, here’s a glimpse of what that spaceship-like cabin is like:

(Video source: Extra Focus News / YouTube)

The interior is all about control—from lighting to ambiance—to make space for passengers. In order to achieve this, Airbus has designed the furniture with curves at every angle; there are no hard edges to be found.

One of the most interesting and impressive areas is the front entrance, where a holograph of a globe has been installed showcasing the plane’s flight route. It’s a feat that really adds on to the spaceship-like interior.

Continuing on to the main seating area, you will be greeted by tables with accompanying chairs, four long couches, flat-screen T.V., and several chaise lounges. Besides the “living room” as some may see it as, is the dining area with six chairs—the perfect area to host a mini-conference/ presentation, or simply to enjoy a meal the personal cook has just whipped up. There’s also a separate bathroom for guests.

For some real privacy, head up to the front of the plane, where the master bedroom, private bathroom (with a shower), and small office room are all located. The front of the plane also hosts a resting space for the crew.

On the other side of the aircraft are four private rooms for guests, each one featuring a small office area and a sofa that can be turned into a double bed, as well as private bathrooms. Behind the private guest rooms is a separate mini cabin with seats, storage, and toilets for the staff.

The Harmony design concept is for wide-bodied jets like the A330neo (and can be adjusted for the 350XWB) that will be flying long-haul.

The rate to rent this type of private jet has yet to be determined, but you can expect it to be several million. With that said, who is ready to fly?