Airport lounges are a traveler’s best friend. They are the one place premier members and business or first class passengers can really relax before and in-between flights. But as some of you may know, not all lounges are created equal (just like not all business and first class seats are not created equal).

There are lounges designed for working, and there are lounges designed to beat air travel exhaustion. From Australia to France, and USA to Hong Kong, here are the top airline lounges that will help you reenergize and forget about that jet lag.

Qantas: Per Lounge

Qantas Perth Lounge

(Image source: Qantas)

The first on our list is Qantas lounge in Perth Airport. The space architecture was scientifically created in conjunction with the University of Sydney’s Charles Perkins Center, where experiments were conducted to see what exactly helps beat air travel exhaustion.

The result? An open-space patio featuring shades on the ceiling that can be adjusted to filter in sunlight, shower suites with unique lights called “Light therapy/Body clock intervention,” which can be changed by the traveler, along with a mirror emitting the right amount of light to help wake up the body.

The lounge also features a spa with therapeutic meditation body sessions (because physical activity is always a must to help beat air travel exhaustion). Even the food in the dining area is specific, with sugar-free water infused with fruits and vegetables, along with an herbal tea station where you can mix and match different ones to create your own.

Delta Air Lines: JFK, ATL and SEA Lounges

Delta Air Lines Lounge

(Image source: Delta Air Lines)

Number two on the list is Delta Air Lines lounges in major US international airports including, JFK, ATL and SEA.

Lounges feature a spa with treatments designed to beat air travel exhaustion. From leg massages to curated eye therapy and a meditation session that includes sitting in a zero-gravity chair, these spas will ease you into the right state of mind for your next destination.

Air France: CDG Lounge

Air France CDG Lounge

(Image source: Air France)

Number three on the list is Air France lounge in CDG, which spreads over 5,920 square feet of space. The lounge features private saunas, showers, spa with free treatments, relaxation chairs, and a ceiling designed like the night sky to help you rest.

As far as dining is concerned, Air France at CDG has two air travel exhaustion bars: a tea bar and a detox bar. Consuming water is important for any traveler because as many of you may know, we lose about 4.2 cups while flying. Keeping hydrated even before a flight can help combat extreme tiredness.

Cathay Pacific: HKG Lounge

Cathay Pacific Lounge HKG

(Image source: Cathay Pacific)

Last but not least is Cathay Pacific’s airport lounge in HKG. The lounge has been designed with a Tea House—a unique area with multiple daybeds, and a tea bar. The teas here have various health benefits, including digestion support and energy booster. Once you find the right one for your needs, your tea will be brewed right there and then by the staff.

Cathay Pacific’s lounge has also created an area to help beat air travel exhaustion by placing the quiet spot on the opposite side of the dining area. The quiet spot is where you can go to lay down and close your eyes without hearing much noise at all. And, thanks to the lighting, taking a nap is extremely easy.