Boeing has been working on developing yet another new plane, and this time it’s the double-aisle 797. And just recently, it was taking submissions from engine producers including Rolls-Royce, CFM and Pratt & Whitney. The company was specific on the engine design, as it wants the new fuel burners to use 25 percent less than the current engines on the 757.

Boeing has two versions it’s thinking of producing. One is the NMA-6X, which can fly 5,754 miles and carry 228 travelers. The second is the NMA-7X, bigger than the NMA-6X, which can fly 4,833 miles and carry 267 travelers.

It will be another seven years before Boeing launches the 797, but the first two interested parties that want to add the new aircraft to their fleet are Delta and United.

The Boeing 797 will be made almost entirely of carbon fiber, similar to that of the Dreamliner, which will help keep costs low when it comes to weight and weight restriction.

What makes the Boeing 797 exciting is that it’s the new “middle-market airplane” from Boeing that will have routes from the U.S. to smaller cities in Europe. Examples include New York to Moscow or Perth to Saigon.

So why is this jet important for some airlines? Boeing currently has the 737 that only travels six hours economically, and the Dreamliner that can go an extended distance of 7,400 miles, respectfully. However, the Dreamliner is much heavier and needs to carry more fuel, which adds to the weight. This is where the Boeing 797 comes in. It’s that sweet spot for carriers that don’t want to fly either the 737 or the 787. And when compared to Airbus A300 series, the Boeing 797 will still have better fuel-efficiency and travel further distances.

There have been talks that Airbus may be creating its own “middle-market airplane” that will travel even further than the A321LR. Even if rumors are true, Boeing isn’t scared of the competition because the development of the Boeing 797 is another huge step forward for one of the biggest aircraft manufacturers in the world. And, it’s forecasted to be a very successful one.