Traveling can be hectic, so anything that can make it easier and more comfortable is always a huge plus. This is where travel gadgets become a necessity.

From adaptors and wine bottle protectors to foot hammocks and suitcase Head Cases, the internet is swarming with fun gadgets for every type of traveler. But as technology becomes smarter, and people travel more now than ever before, unique travel inventions are making their way into the market. So to help you stay on top of your game when you go on your next adventure, here are some gadgets that can help make the entire experience better than you could have imagined.

Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow

Travel pillows are a hit or miss—either they are comfortable, or downright awful. This is where the Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow comes in to save the day. It’s ergonomically shaped, which allows for proper head and neck alignment that will make sleeping and resting comfortable. There’s a string attached, which you use to wrap around the headrest or seat to give you support. That way, it won’t slide to the left or right (you won’t have to worry about leaning on your neighbor, accidentally). Plus, it’s inflatable and easy to place in your carry-on or purse or attach it to the handle of your bag. You can even use the string attached to carry the Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow like a messenger bag.

Price: $24.95 on Amazon

PackTidy Shirt & Tie Commuter Travel Luggage Organizer

If you’re a business traveler, packing your button-down shirts can be a hassle when it comes down to keeping them wrinkle-free. This is especially true if you have several that you need to stick in your carry-on or check-in luggage for your two-to-three day or week-long trip. To help keep those shirts in an ironed state, we recommend checking out PackTidy. It’s the perfect case to keep you looking sharp throughout your travels.

PackTidy is extremely lightweight and easy to carry or store in your luggage and comes in three colors—black, brown and grey.

Price: $23.99 on Amazon

HooToo Wireless Travel Router

When it comes to your device, there are so many different accessories that can aid in a worry-free trip. However, too many accessories can be chaotic. This is where TripMate comes in handy—it can create a hotspot, charge your device, and backup and store files to free up space on one or more of your devices. If you do end up using this gadget as a hotspot, TripMate can also bridge an existing wireless network to create your own secure Wi-Fi network. TripMate is small and weighs only 1 ounce so you can carry it in your small bag no matter where you go!

Price: $24.99 on Amazon

Matador Pocket Blanket 2.0

Have you ever gone somewhere and wished you had a blanket or towel to sit on, especially if you come across a beach or park out of the blue? Well, that’s where the Matador Pocket Blanket 2.0 comes in! It’s small enough to fit in your backpack, purse or even your pocket, yet it’s large enough (63 inches by 44 inches) for several people to sit on it. The back is water-resistant and keeps you clean from sand, rocks, grass stains, bugs and more. Now, you can enjoy watching the sunset overlooking the beautiful mountains or the sea, without having to worry about carrying a blanket that takes up way too much space.

Price: $29.95 on Amazon

Scrubba Wash Bag

Washing clothes while traveling is daunting but sometimes necessary. However, having the right tools to do so is not so easy. Who wants to pay for their laundry when away from home, anyway? Luckily, you can have a washing machine right in your back pocket. The Scrubba Wash Bag is a 5-ounce bag that can wash your clothes effectively in 3 minutes. Plus, it’s more sanitary than shared washers or hotel sinks. Your clothes will come out fresh and clean. All you’ll need to do is quickly wash, hang them to dry, and voilà! Your clothes are ready for another day of adventure.

The Scrubba Wash Bag can also be used as a dry bag to carry various items, be it food from a local market or gifts from a bazaar.

Price: $29.95 on Amazon