Last year, Qantas upgraded its business class cabin and opened new airport lounges in Heathrow and in Melbourne. This year, the airline is gearing up to revamping its lounges aboard their A380s. And yes, there will be two lounges instead of one.

These two spaces will be accessible on the second floor above the main cabin and will be situated on opposite ends, separated by the stairs that take you down.

One Qantas A380 lounge will feature an updated seating arrangement where passengers can sit and chat across from each other (versus the current design that requires you to sit next to each other without any tables). This updated design will also accommodate more passengers from first and business class, who are not only wanting to interact with other passengers or fellow travelers but can also step away from their suite and do some work on their laptop in a larger space. The small nooks also provide a sense of some privacy that the previous/current design does not.

The other Qantas A380 lounge will have a large TV screen, a small bar that can be accessed without the help of a flight attendant, and additional seating that’s less cafe-like, whereas the lounge located on the other end has the cafe ambiance.

The refresh will begin spring of next year, and the A380s with these new lounges and fresh business and first class seats will be rolled out in 2020.

We can’t wait for the airline to reveal exactly how these two lounges will look like. Can you?