Airbus’ largest airplane, the A380, is a fascinating one at that. From it’s first flight in 2005 to its unexpected role in the travel industry, the A380 is an impressive piece of aircraft that features amazing technology and interior design options for airlines that have purchased and integrated the plane into its fleet of smaller aircraft.

So what makes the A380 so impressive? Let’s take a look at some facts that may surprise you.

• Ever since the airplane was first announced almost two decades ago, Airbus only sold 331 A380s. Emirates currently has 104 of the total 331 airplanes, with 14 more to be delivered.

• The A380 can travel a maximum distance of about 9,320 miles.

• The cost of the aircraft is $445.6 million US. That is twice the price of the A330-900neo, Airbus’ most-efficient airplane yet.

• Due to the height of the aircraft, there are several unique catering trucks designed to reach the plane’s doors.

• The A380 has a total of 22 wheels.

• The engines can generate over 70,000 pounds of thrust.

• Even though it’s the largest plane in the sky, it only needs two pilots to control it.

• The length of the A380 is the size of two blue whales and weighs 550 tonnes, equivalent to 165 elephants.

• The wings of the A380 are the largest ones ever made, measuring 262 feet long, which is more than double than the wings of a Boeing 747.

• Comfortably, the airplane can fit about 544 travelers across four different classes.

• Due to its size, there are only about 20 or so airports in the entire world that can accommodate the aircraft.