We’re months away from another year, and some of you are or may already be planning your next trip. But where will 2019 take you? Will it be some island cut off from the majority of the world? Maybe a smaller, less touristy city in Spain or France? Or, is your next destination an adventure through a jungle? With so many choices, it’s difficult to decide.

But for those of you who are not yet sure where to go to in 2019, these are our top five picks we think you’ll love.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, an island nation located off the southeastern coast of India, is a remarkable place featuring rainforests, beaches, and cities that are both ancient and modern. We selected this country as a go-to destination for 2019 due to the various activities available, including cave exploration where you can discover remains of human habitation that dates back to 32,000 BC; train rides from Colombo to Jaffna that are incredibly scenic; and rainforests walks mixed in with swims under waterfalls. Moreover, because Sri Lanka is very close to India, it almost feels like you’re in India but cleaner, less traffic, higher-end hotels and easier transactions when it comes to using credit cards and banks. Sri Lanka is one of our favorite destinations, and we know you would love it there too.


Norway has been rated the number one happiest, safest and wealthiest countries in the world seven years in a row, making it a top go-to destination for 2019 (and almost any year in our opinion). Its capital, Oslo, is also a gem of a city, but there are other places to visit. This includes Bergen to see the western fjords, Tromsø for the arctic cultural experience, Lofoten Islands for the Northern Lights (although the best time to see them is between November and February), and Nigardsbree for glacier walking. But that’s not all, Norway also offers arctic safaris, which are absolutely incredible—you’ll see polar bears, seals, walruses and whales. If you have yet to go to Norway, then make sure you check it off your list next year.


Turkey is an amazing country and definitely, a must-go-to destination for 2019. From its culturally-diverse city like Istanbul to its beach getaways in Antalya, Turkey is a true gem for those who want to see and experience it all—ancient history in the country’s capital, a hidden underground city known as Kaymakli in Derinkuyu, hammams (Turkish baths) from the 16 century such as the Kılıç Ali Paşa Hamamı or Cemberlitas Hamami. Turkey also has some secluded vacation spots for honeymooners or those who want a break from city life. Our recommendations are the Cave Hotels in Cappadocia—they are magnificent and a once in a lifetime experience. You can never get bored, so if you’re looking for a go-to destination that offers you the best of old and new, then Turkey is our recommendation for you.


Slovenia is one of those places that many may not consider as part of their European vacation, but it’s actually quite charming. You can spend a day in Ljubljana, where you’ll discover glorious castles, streets lined with cobblestone, friendly cafes and overall an interesting culture. Head out of the city to Mala Osojnica in Blend, for the best views of nature’s wonders. Then make your way to Piran for some of the freshest seafood in all of Slovenia. And if you are a fan of the Lord of the Rings, then don’t miss out on the Skocjan Caves (also a UNESCO World Heritage site), where you can venture through miles of passages underground featuring waterfalls and “one of the largest known underground chambers”. Slovenia is a nature-lovers paradise, and one of our top go-to destinations for 2019.


One of Africa’s nations, Zimbabwe, is our choice for those looking to get away to the Eastern side of the continent. The country offers some amazing parks to see wild animals, including Gonarezhou National Park (considered to be the most scenic ones), Hwange National Park to see the largest amount of wildlife, and Mana Pools National Park for “guaranteed close encounters” with other animals. If you need a break from the park, head to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s second-biggest city that sets you back into the colonial era, and home to the Natural History Museum. Or, you can go hike the Chimanimani Mountains, where you’ll encounter a red mahogany tree that’s over a 1,000 years old (also known as Big Tree). Africa has so many countries to choose from, and Zimbabwe is our recommendation as a go-to destination for next year.

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