Air India may not be the number one airline choice, but their business class cabin on the Dreamliner is one of the best options compared to the business class seats found across their other airplanes.

The interior cabin color palette is warm, with red and brown colors altering from one row to another, as well as splashes of those colors on the amenities, pillows and even the carpet. And with the bright, colorful cabin crew uniforms, the overall cabin feel is welcoming.

Air India business class cabin has a total of 18 seats and is designed in a 2-2-2 layout. Unfortunately, this means not every passenger will have direct aisle access. Nonetheless, each seat on the Dreamliner is wider than their other business class seats, with a pitch of 74 inches and a width of 22 inches. Luckily, the seat can convert to a fully-flat bed and the bedding is comfortable, so getting a good night’s rest should not be a problem at all.

Additional features include an armrest that can be pulled up or down for privacy—perfect for those who travel individually—A/C and USB ports to keep your devices charged at all times, cup holder to avoid any spills, wood-like tray table for your laptop or meals, and personal air vents to keep you cool, which you don’t see very often.

If you have a lot of items with you, there’s plenty of storage under the ottoman in front of you, between the entertainment screens, and of course in the overhead bins, which are much larger than the ones found on their other planes.

Aside from the seat, each traveler gets slippers, socks, eye mask, pajamas (long-sleeve collared shirt and pants), and an amenity kit that includes lip balm, toothbrush and toothpaste, sandal soap (the only soap made with pure sandalwood oil—very popular in India), and face wash to keep you feeling fresh.

The food is tasty as well, especially with all those Indian flavors mixed in various dishes, with delicious vegetarian options that even a meat-eater would opt for. Dishes range depending on the destination, but could include:

• Methi Chaman Kofta: vegetable & fenugreek dumplings in a spicy curry, served with steamed rice, spiced vegetables and dal
• Masala Dosa: lentil galette stuffed with spiced potatoes
• Panir Makhanwala: fresh cottage cheese cooked in tomato butter gravy, served with steamed rice, pulao, spiced vegetables and dal
• Kaju Khumb Curry: cashew nuts and mushrooms in a tangy gravy, served with pulao, spiced vegetables and dal

There’s even a trolley that comes around filled with various drink options, including wine and liquors for Air India business class travelers to pair with their meals.

Overall, the premium cabin on Air India is a pleasant surprise for those who have not yet flown on this carrier. From friendly and attentive flight attendants to comfortable yet simple seats and bedding, the experience is much better than expected!