When it comes to travel, comfort is probably one of the most sought-after experiences, which is why so many of us love travel pillows for their diversity. But did you know that an eye mask can help you naturally boost melatonin levels, which happens only when there’s enough darkness? As a result, more melatonin means better sleep.

Unfortunately, when we fly, we are constantly being distracted by lights all around us—lights from the ceiling, lights from portable devices, and lights from the TV monitor in front of each seat. Consequently, catching a good nap can be tough and disruptive, but it doesn’t have to be if you have the right eye mask. Pair your noise-canceling headphones with one of these eye masks for traveling, and you may be able to catch some amazing zzz’s.

ASUTRA Silk Eye Pillow

One of the best eye masks is the ASUTRA Silk Eye Pillow. It’s made of 100 percent silk without any artificial fabrics, which makes it hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria, mold and dust. This silk eye mask is absolutely delightful on your skin. Plus, the eye mask features a zipper with a removable muslin pouch that comes filled with lavender and flax seeds—aromatherapy right at your fingertips.

ASUTRA Silk Eye Pillow is designed with a curve to fit around your nose for easy breathing, and has an adjustable elastic band that won’t allow the eye mask to slip off your face.

The eye pillow comes with a free soothing eye gel mask to relieve those tired eyes, and is available in black, burgundy and purple.

Price: $16.95 on Amazon

YIVIEW Sleep Mask

Another best eye mask for traveling is the YIVIEW Sleep Mask—it’s extremely flexible and sturdy around your head, and will not tangle for those with long hair. The unique 3D design creates two pockets around the eyes, allowing you to wear the mask without having your eyes and eyelashes touch the material, or have any kind of pressure on them.

The material is lightweight and made of durable material that doesn’t rip or cause heat around your eyes while wearing it. YIVIEW Sleep Mask comes in a pack of three with three different colors in each one: black, blue and purple; black, blue and red; or black, red and purple.

Price: $10.69 on Amazon

Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask

Another best eye mask is the Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask, made from 100 percent 19 momme mulberry silk on the outside and the inside. The silk is extremely soft, offering you the greatest luxury against your skin that’s breathable, hypoallergenic, and doesn’t cause overheat or discomfort.

The strap can be lengthened from 15.8 inches all the way up to 27.6 inches, and the adjuster is located at the back versus on the side, perfect for those who sleep on their sides. It’s great for both kids and adults!

Comes in eleven different colors/ designs—choose the one that fits your personality the best.

Price: $7.99 on Amazon