Airbus is known for producing some luxurious private jets, including InfinitoHarmony and Melody. The other airplane developing giant has also made some incredible private jets, one of which is the world’s first Dreamliner, and more recently the 737 MAX.

This new, exclusive airplane is high-end, sleek, innovative and unique. The Boeing 737 MAX is bigger than most standard private airplanes, yet can travel further. The name Boeing has dubbed this new interior design for the jet is Genesis, and this is what it looks like:

(Video source: KiPcreating high end visualization / YouTube)

Designed by SkyStyle, the cabin decor is centered around the idea of calmness found in nature. To draw a better picture with words, Boeing describes it as, “voluminous clouds hanging over a white sand beach, smooth rolling hills and a starry night sky”, thanks to the LED lights surrounding every corner of the interior.

The center portion of the Boeing 737 MAX private jet features a common area for travelers to gather and hang out. With tables and chairs that can seat 14 or more people, the common area is perfect to host a small party or conduct a conference if you’re traveling for business.

There’s also a section connected to the common area where you can cook up a fresh meal, or hire a chef to prepare it for you and your guests.

The back of the Boeing 737 MAX is reserved for the host, with a comfortable double bed where you can sleep through the flight if that’s your wish. The bedroom is sectioned off for complete privacy, so you never have to worry about any exterior disturbances.

Aside from the bed, the bedroom features a table, chair and a closet to hang and store your belongings.

Next to the bedroom at the very end of the jet, is a beautiful bathroom to keep yourself feeling refreshed no matter how long you’re flying.

Towards the front of the Boeing 737 MAX private jet is additional tables and seats for guests to relax in, in addition to a lavatory they can use. Further up, and sectioned away from the rest of the plane, is a room for the airplane crew, featuring seats, a separate lavatory and some tables.

The Boeing 737 MAX is an ideal option for those who are looking for a private jet because it allows designers to think outside of the box as they customize its interiors. According to Greg Laxton, who heads up Boeing Business Jets, “the Genesis design is yet another example of our exclusive cabin capabilities,” and the new plane will set “a new standard in business travel”.

Currently, there are more than 20 customers awaiting their Boeing 737 MAX private jet, with one already delivered. Just like the clients who purchased them have been disclosed, so has the price.