Sometimes, a shorter vacation is all you need to relax and unwind. Then there are other moments when we need a lot more time away from work and home. From East to West, the world is full of destinations waiting to be explored, and some of these destinations are overlooked more than others.

So for those of you who like to stay in one country for a longer period of time, we recommend you check out the following places, which have also become some of our favorite getaways!


Located between Sicily and the North African coast, Malta is made up of three small islands including Comino, Gozo and of course, Malta. This is one of our favorite getaways for longer vacations because of its cultural diversity. The country has been controlled by various people, including the Romans, Arabs, Spaniards, French and British, to name a few. From architecture to food, this little country is full of little surprises. There are cities like Valletta, which dates back to the 1500s and is surrounded by a wall. It’s also the country’s capital and is the best place to visit museums, explore palaces and admire beautiful churches. There are other cities in Malta such as Mdina, located in the northern part of the county, home to aristocrats throughout history and even now; Sliema, which is the best place for shopping; Bugibba, which is right on the coast, featuring a wonderful resort for those who want to take it up a notch. If you’re looking for things to do outdoors, head to Gozo where you can go for long walks, venture on a beautiful hike, or even enjoy a nice swim in the ocean.


Another one of our favorite getaways meant for longer vacations is Israel. It’s a marvelous country with so much history, a lot to do and see. Moreover, each city in Israel offers something unique—from visiting the holy sites in Jerusalem, swimming in the Dead Sea, exploring the vibrant city of Tel Aviv, or venturing to Haifa to see the Bahai Gardens, museums, and even the German Colony (established by the German Templars in 1868). You can also head over to Netanya to enjoy a luxurious stay at a resort, or even Eilat, located in the southern part of the country, known for its amazing beaches and peaceful sea.


What once was part of the former Soviet Union is now an independent nation that offers phenomenal views of nature’s beauty and traditions that date back thousands of years ago. The country’s capital, Yerevan, has been around since 782 BC (before Rome), with splendid shopping options, cafes, wonderful restaurants, and a fun nightlife. You can also take several day trips to discover other parts of the country: visiting the famous Geghard Monastery and the area around it; seeing Garni Temple, the only Pagan Temple still standing in Armenia (located in Garni); or, exploring the Old Khndzoresk Cave Village made up of manmade caves that were inhabited during the 1900s. Armenia is known to have delicious wine, so no matter which city you end up in, we recommend you indulge in their local wines.

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