Over the course of three years, from 2016 to 2018, fourteen new Airbus A350s were delivered to China Airlines. These airplanes, which replaced the A340s, have been suited up with a newer business class seat that China Airlines hasn’t offered on other planes.

When compared to their previous designs, China Airlines business class seat on the A350 was a huge improvement, thanks to Ray Chen, the designer from Taiwan, who also recreated the airline’s lounge at Taoyuan International Airport (located in Terminal 1).

(Video Source: Mondo Travel / YouTube)

China Airlines business class seat is based on the Super Diamond design by B/E Aerospace, which is similar to the ones found on Qatar Airways and Virgin Australia.

China Airlines A350 has been retrofitted to accommodate 32 business class seats, offering each traveler direct aisle access. Each seat can be easily turned into a flat-bed measuring 78 inches, with a touch of a button.

A few notable features you’ll notice the moment you sit down include, an elegant side table lamp (something you usually only get in a seat in first class), a side shelf that offers two storage areas (one to store smaller items like devices and wallets, and another for headphones). You can use either your own or the airline-provided, noise-canceling headphones. The storage space is also where you’ll find a USB socket and another port to plug-in your headphones.

There’s also another side panel with a built-in mirror, a lovely addition to those who want to make sure they are looking their best at any time of the flight. This is the same spot you’ll find all the buttons to change the position of your seat, and turn your side lamp of and on, as well as the 18-inch entertainment screen.

And just as you thought that was it, you’ll also encounter another compartment underneath your armrest, which holds a bottle of water and the China Airlines amenity kit. The kit is full of all the basic goods including an eye mask, hand lotion and lip balm by Institute Karité Paris, Moroccan Oil Treatment, a wipe for your glasses, floss, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb with a wood handle, pen and even a sticker.

One of our favorite parts about this business class cabin is the mini bar in the back called the Sky Bistro bar, which offers coffee, tea, spirits, snacks and there’s even a bookshelf. This is all self-serve, so feel free to grab a drink or a good read to help pass time by.

The overall cabin has been installed with LED mood lighting, and a color palette of purple, grey, and gold that’s modern and very classy. The design is a reflection of the culture and the contemporary China Airlines brand expressed throughout the newer airplanes and airport lounges.

The China Airlines A350s flies to various cities throughout Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and recently to cities in the U.S. So if you’re lucky enough to snag a spot in business class on their A350, you can rest assured the seat is something you can look forward to when flying with China Airlines.