Istanbul recently opened what will become one of the world’s largest airports, which will also become the main hub for Turkish Airlines (moving away from Ataturk). The airline is also planning on building an exclusive lounge for business and first class passengers flying on Turkish Airlines, located in the new airport.

With all these new changes, Turkish Airlines decided to make another move by upgrading their premium cabin set to debut next year, and it’s about time. This award-winning airline has claimed the number one spot in the Skytrax 2018 Best Business Class Airline Lounges and Best First Class Lounge Dining categories, and its loyal passengers have waited years for the airline to design a cabin that’s up to par with the times.

The new Turkish Airlines business class seat will be available on their Boeing 787-9s and Airbus A350s. Unfortunately, their Boeing 777s, A330, and A340 will not be retrofitted with the new cabin. So for those who will be flying in business class on either of those two jets, here’s what you can expect.

Derived from STELIA Aerospace’s seat called Stelia Solstys III, Turkish Airlines business class is classy, modern and has been branded with the airlines color palette to create a luxurious experience that many expect on this airline.

Luckily, as many carriers have begun doing, this new Turkish Airlines business class cabin is laid out in a 1-2-1 configuration, allowing all passengers to have direct aisle access. Moreover, each seat has walls that have been curved to create privacy, in addition to adding an adjustable privacy window between the two seats in the middle row. Traveling solo? The window seat is definitely the best, but if you do end up in one of the two seats in the middle, don’t worry, you’ll still have enough privacy to feel secluded.

The seat does convert into a fully flat bed, allowing you to get all the rest you need, with a lot of additional space around you so that you won’t feel cramped.

Additional information about these new business class seats has not yet been revealed, but tune in to our blog to get all the latest details as soon as they become available.

We can’t wait to test these out, and I’m sure you can’t either!