Oman Air, a 4-star airline according to Skytrax, is one of the most luxurious airlines in the world, and although they are not as big as other competitors, Oman Air is still impressive. Just recently, the carrier released a brand new first class suite, along with a brilliant business and first class lounge in Muscat, and they blew our minds.

Earlier this year, Oman Air released a new version of the Boeing 787, version -9, which features a three-class cabin, and one of our favorite business class seats Oman Air has on the market. (The same business class seat is also available on the Boeing 787-8.)

Based on B/E Aerospace’s Apex Suite—an ingenious concept allowing for direct-aisle access in a 2-2-2 configuration—Oman Air business class can accommodate 18 passengers on the 787-8, and 30 passengers on the 787-9. If you’ve seen Korean Air’s most recent First Class upgrade, you may notice that it’s almost the same seat.

The seats located in the middle are parallel, whereas the two seats by the windows are alternating so that each passenger not only has a window but can also get up and move around without having to step over their neighbor. Each Oman Air business class also has a lot of storage space around the seat, underneath the ottoman, and in front of the seat. Even with a pitch of 80 inches and a width of 22.8 inches, this Oman Air business class feels very spacious compared to many other business class seats—even when you convert it into a fully flatbed.

When it comes down to the seat features, passengers can expect various controls to change the position of the seat including the backrest, leg rest and the seat depth, privacy window, as well as have the ability to darken or lighten the LED lights around the seat. Moreover, there’s a decent-sized tray table that can accommodate either your meal or your laptop (but it’s not large enough to hold both). The Oman Air business class seat also offers two USB plugs, one power outlet, and a 17 inch HD entertainment screen that also comes with a mini controller with a mini screen on it.

Aside from the seat, each business class traveler receives an amenity kit filled with Amouage products, including hand lotion, body moisturizer, face cream, lip balm, Colgate toothpaste, toothbrush (one of the best quality ones you might ever receive in business class), mouthwash, shaving kit (men only), and perfume/cologne. To make it even more comfortable, pajamas, slippers, and an extra eye mask are provided so that you can really relax whenever you’re ready to close your eyes.

As far as dining, Oman Air business class offers various options that are not only Western but also ones that are traditional, made from high-quality ingredients that are in season. All cuisines are served on excellent chinaware to make you feel like a king or queen. Plus, their award-winning cellar, which includes wines and champagnes, includes selections that are the perfect pair for whatever meal you may be indulging in. Even for those who don’t drink any alcohol, Oman Air does offer quality tea, coffee, and many other drinks to quench your thirst.

Looking to find out more about Oman Air business class? Check out the video below for a better inside tour of the Boeing 787, courtesy of Oman Air.