Etihad is a five-star airline with excellent products and fantastic service that is felt from the airport all the way up to the clouds. Even though the airline has been going through some difficulties in terms of revenue, it continues to stay true to its brand, bringing the best to all of its amenities including business class.

One of the best business class seats the airline has to offer is available on their Dreamliner (Boeing 787-9) and the A380, which the airline calls the “Business Studio”. Etihad also has other business class seat versions on their Boeing 777 that they call the “Business Flat Bed”, whereas their smaller planes have a “Business Seat” that doesn’t convert into a fully-flat bed. Since the Business Studio is a preferred seat, let’s take a look at this one a little further.

Each Etihad business class seat is designed in a 1-2-1 layout with seats facing forward and ones that face backward, allowing the airline to fit in a maximum of 28 seats while still keeping the area around the passenger, spacious. Each Etihad business class on the Dreamliner can convert into an extensive bed that lays fully flat, measuring 81.6 inches long and 22 inches wide. For those sitting in the middle aisle, a large automatic privacy window can be brought up or down depending if you’re traveling alone or with a partner. Unlike other airlines that have smaller privacy windows where you can still somewhat see the passenger next to you (or at least some part of them), Etihad business class privacy window is completely closed off.

Other features include a completely sealed storage space, two tables (one for your meals and one to rest your drink(s) on and/or your devices on, located on the side), a personal light, back massager built into the seat that you can use at any time during the flight, as well as LED lighting that changes depending on if the plane is taxiing, taking off/landing, etc.

The comfort doesn’t stop there. Etihad makes it easy to unwind thanks to the full-size comforters and pillows they provide. Travelers can also change the cushion comfort level, and adjust the back support and headrest. If you’re not ready to sleep, you can enjoy watching the latest films and shows on an 18.5-inch touch screen entertainment system.

Only the top airlines in the world offer luxurious amenity kits for business class passengers, and Etihad Airways is one of them. They recently rolled out new Acqua di Parma kits with a case made from Italian leather, and each one contains Colonia fragrance (cologne for men, perfume for women), Colonia hand cream, eyeshades, socks, toothbrush, toothpaste, as well as a shaving kit, comb and earplugs on request.

Etihad doesn’t fly to as many destinations as some of their competitors, nonetheless it’s a fantastic airline to experience a quality business class seat and the service that comes with it.

Want to learn about the entire business class experience? Check out the video below, courtesy of Etihad Airways.