With New Year’s Eve only a week away, the world is finalizing its preparations for the best night of the year. From East to West, each country, city, and region celebrates a new beginning differently in their own way. Some places are more mellow, whereas other cities are extravagant, going above and beyond than most usually do.

Although there are so many destinations around the world to celebrate the New Year, we selected Hongs Kong, Edinburgh and Bangkok as the top three ultimate New Year getaways to ring in 2019. Here’s why:

Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China, is one of the best destinations to go to, to ring in the new year. The city is known for having extravagant firework shows you may ever see. The Victoria Harbour is the best place to see the show up close, but there are other locations to watch the extravagant showcase such as Tsim She Tsui Promenade, Ocean Terminal Deck, Golden Bauhinia Square in San Chai, Tamar Park in Admiralty, or even sky100 Observation Deck. Unlike other cities, Hong Kong has three different firework shows, one is the warm-up called Strange Fruit Deco-Sphere Performance that starts at 10pm, then it’s the Wish Upon a Star that runs from 1111pm to 12am, and then at midnight begins the main New Year’s Eve Fireworks event. Aside from watching the show in the sky, there’s also a parade, various cruises along the Harbor, concerts, and lots of street parties.


You may not think of Edinburgh as the place to go for New Years, but it’s an event not to be missed. The city celebrates the New Year, which is called Hogmanay in Scottish, for three days beginning on the 30th of December. The first day is a torchlight procession that includes drummers, fire, and pipers along with the crowd that goes through the Old Town to Holyrood Park—perfect for families and adults! Day two is a large outdoor party, concerts, Ceilidh under Edinburgh Castle (an event for dancing, drinking and eating) and of course, fireworks. The 1st of January is Loony Dook, which is for a charity event and includes a street parade and then a dunk in the freezing Firth of Forth estuary. There are a lot of pubs, restaurants, and cafes open on New Year’s Day, so rest assured you can cure the previous night with some good food, or for those who love to keep the party going, can do so as well in the open pubs.


Like Hong Kong, Bangkok is also another city that takes its New Year’s celebrations to the next level. From rooftop bars such as Above Eleven Rooftop Bar or Cielo Sky Bar to Loy Nava Dinner Cruises and street parties, Bangkok is full of exciting events for travelers (and locals) of all ages. There’s also a Full Moon Party involving eating, drinking and dancing on the beach, festivities on Khao San Street for food, street performers and live music, or Asiatique The Riverfront for outdoor shopping, food, live music, Thai celebrity appearances and another great place to view the fireworks.

Cities throughout the world all have their own traditions of ringing in the New Year, which is exciting for those who are traveling elsewhere to celebrate. Whether you’re in a quiet town or a large city, this holiday is one that’s observed by all.

Where will you be counting down to the New Year?