Earlier this year, SWISS opened up its flagship lounge at Kloten Airport, and just recently have remodeled their lounges at Geneva Airport in Switzerland.

These two lounges—Business and Senator (i.e. First)—are similar in style to the one in Zürich, with its pleasant and inviting colors of blue/black leather, grey, and light, natural wood. The decor is comfortable, with floors that are wood mixed with darker grey tile, walls that are made of limestone, and furniture that’s designed by luxurious, Swiss craftsmen. To brighten up the space, SWISS lounges in Geneva now offer warm lighting, as well as bigger, open spaces than the previous design. Let’s take a peek at what that actually looks like.

As you step inside the SWISS Senator lounge in Geneva, you’ll notice various nooks you can take advantage of to allow for some privacy (if needed). There are also other, more open spaces for those of you who want to work, eat or drink in a social setting. And thanks to the large windows and ambient lighting, the entire lounge is a much brighter and friendlier place to kill time before your flight.

The Senator lounge offers additional seating further down beside the dining area, or in the space behind it. The food and drink options remain the same but are much more enjoyable with the updated atmosphere.

For those who need to take a shower can do so in one of the showers located between the two lounges, although it’s not free to use for business class passengers.

As far as the SWISS business class lounge, design and atmosphere are similar to that of the Senator Lounge, but in a smaller space. SWISS didn’t expand the area, rather it used what it had and made it better, allowing more travelers to occupy the space than the previous design.

Food options in the business lounge are basic, including hot and cold meals, liquor, non-alcoholic beverages, coffee and latte machine. You can even use the business station dubbed the “E-Corner” to browse the Internet on one of several computers.

The SWISS business lounge in Geneva is open for those sitting in business class on any of the Star Alliance airlines, as well those with a Frequent Traveller status on Miles & More. Whereas the SWISS Senator lounge in Geneva Airport is open to those with a Senator status, are members of the HON Circle, or those who hold a Star Alliance Gold status.