This year, travelers flying between Tokyo and Honolulu will be able to experience All Nippon Airways (ANA) newest business and first class seat aboard the double-decker A380. But those who are flying other long-haul flights, such as Tokyo-Perth, Tokyo-Brussels or even Tokyo-Munich, to name a few, will most likely be flying aboard their Dreamliner. Although the seats are not as high-end as the Airbus A380, they are still comfortable and a good option if traveling from Japan to Europe, Australia (and soon the US). If you find yourself with a ticket on ANA’s Boeing 787, here’s what you can expect when flying in their premium cabin.

(Video source: Boeing / YouTube)

All Nippon Airways business class cabin is large with a total of 46 seats designed in an altering 1-1-1 and 1-2-1 layout, measuring 19.4 inches wide with a pitch of 59 inches. The middle seat of the 1-1-1 row is known as the “throne seat”, which is a layout you’ll see in Lufthansa’s newest business cabin. If you’re traveling solo, the throne seat is ideal, but if those are booked, we recommend a window seat for extra privacy.

Each All Nippon Airways business class seat is equipped with a large touch-screen TV measuring 17 inches, a remote with a mini screen on it to control the entertainment screen, call a flight attendant or turn your personal light on/off. The seat also has various controls to change its position to suit your comfort and can convert into a fully-flat bed. Other features include a small table that’s separate from your larger tray table, a mini compartment underneath the small table to store your device, wallet and other small items, and an open cabin underneath the entertainment screen to store your shoes. There are also three different ports—a USB port, a universal AC port, and a port that you can use to mirror your phone to the screen in front of you.

In terms of the amenity kit, the one you’ll receive in All Nippon Airways business class is of decent quality, with products from Neal’s Yard. The kit has a mist for your face, lip balm, hand lotion, eye mask, toothpaste, toothbrush and earplugs. If you use the lavatory, you’ll notice other amenities such as razors, wipes for your face and more toothbrush and toothpaste sets.

One thing you can look forward to, aside from being able to stretch out and sleep, is the cuisine. ANA is known for having some amazing meal options for those sitting in the business class cabin, and offer seasonal Western and Japanese dishes. From simmered short-necked and chives in a soy-based sauce and spinach cheese soufflé with peperonata sauce, to strawberry cake and Belgian chocolate ice cream, ANA business class will leave you feeling full, very satisfied, and ready to conquer the next few hours until you’re ready to dine again. You’ll reach your destination feeling refreshed, rested and prepared to catch that next meeting or head home and unwind even further.