Most of us will never step foot in any of the few Qantas Chairman Lounges around, each one located in different airports throughout Australia including Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Canberra and Adelaide. It doesn’t matter how many miles you earn, you will not be able to access this members-only lounge, which is usually only offered to those who are either a celebrity, have connections with the government, or someone who is very important in the travel industry (i.e. CEO’s, CFO’s, etc.). So if you’re wondering what’s inside, behind those private doors, keep reading…

(Video source: Fly with James / YouTube – Qantas Chairman Lounge in Brisbane)

Unlike many lounges we frequent, the Qantas Chairman’s Lounge is very quiet and is easy to relax in. Moreover, because it’s a members-only lounge, there are always enough seats, and it’s easy to find a spot where you can feel completely alone. To add to the peacefulness, the lounges don’t have any PA system calling out the next flight that’s boarding, instead, an employee will come to find you and let you know in-person. It’s almost like having your own, temporary butler.

Qantas Chairman’s Lounges offer a lot of lighting and views of the runway, but the sounds of the outside will not interfere with your time inside. The lounge’s walls and windows have been perfectly sealed—another reason why you can relax in peace.

(Image source: Fly with James / YouTube – Qantas Chairman Lounge in Sydney)

Having a satisfying meal in any of the lounges is something everyone—who has access—can look forward to. There’s a buffet, but the à la carte tends to be the most favored option. For instance, you can order salt and pepper squid with green chili dipping sauce, corn fritters with bacon, avocado and tomato jam, or even pavlova—a typical dessert that Qantas tends to serve all the time in their First Class lounges.

But don’t think you have to go to their dining section to eat, just request a menu from one of the staff from wherever you’re sitting, and the cuisine, or snacks, will be brought to you along with your drink(s) of choice.

(Image source: Fly with James / YouTube – Qantas Chairman Lounge in Melbourne)

Qantas Chairman’s Lounges do offer showers, but there are no spa treatments, unfortunately. However, you can access one of their First Class lounges, which do offer these additional free luxuries.

Nonetheless, having the opportunity to wait for your next flight in any one of the members-only lounge is a privilege, and will definitely make you feel entitled. If you’re ever lucky enough to get invited—or be someone’s plus one—take full advantage of what these private lounges have to offer.

Have you ever been inside a Qantas Chairman’s Lounge? If so, how was your experience?