The world is not created equal, which means that some people can travel to more destinations than others due to the relationships between countries. As a result, passport holders from around the globe are able to enter numerous countries visa-free, whereas others are extremely limited and has become increasingly more so due to recent conflicts.

Every year, Henley & Partners, a company headquartered in London who “advises governments on residence and citizenship-by-investment policy and works with them to develop and implement residence and citizenship programs” release a list of the most powerful passports in the world. This list is based on how many countries the passport can be used to enter into another nation without having to obtain a Visa.

For 2019, Japan tops the chart. Anyone holding a Japanese passport can visit 190 nations, visa-free. Following Japan is Singapore and South Korea, whose citizens can go to 189 countries. Following those two are France and Germany, whose citizens can enter into 188 nations without obtaining a visa.

One of the biggest changes over the past decade is the acceptance of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) passport holders. UAE used to be in low 60s range out of the top 100 but has now risen to the 22nd spot. Moreover, Chinese citizens have also been given more visa-free access to an additional 23 different nations in the past two years. For the lucky ones who have two or three different passports, you are able to go even further without having to obtain a visa beforehand. And if you’re wondering how you can go visa-free to any country in the world, you would need to have passports from all of these fourteen nations combined: Azerbaijan, Congo, Maldives, Singapore, Syria, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uganda, United States, Vanuatu, Afghanistan, Mali, Angola and North Korea.

Here are the top 20 most powerful passports ranked in order:

• Japan: 190 countries
• Singapore: 189 countries
• South Korea: 189 countries
• France: 188 countries
• Germany: 188 countries
• Denmark: 187 countries
• Finland: 187 countries
• Italy: 187 countries
• Sweden: 187 countries
• Luxembourg: 186 countries
• Spain: 186 countries
• Austria: 185 countries
• Netherlands: 185 countries
• Norway: 185 countries
• Portugal: 185 countries
• Switzerland: 185 countries
• United Kingdom: 185 countries
• United States: 185 countries
• Belgium: 184 countries
• Canada: 184 countries

Want to see how strong your passport is (or another nation’s not in the top 20)? Click here to see the full list.