The more secrets we know, the better we are off, especially when it comes down to travel—from useful terms all the way to the unknowns of the aviation industry. But those are not the only tips that can make your life easier, which is why we’ve consolidated a list of some smart travel hacks that will not only amaze you but also save you in different ways.

Bring Your Own Water Bottle

Luckily, security at airports has become a little more lenient, allowing passengers to carry an empty, reusable water bottle with them. This will save you from having to buy water from a shop—you can just use a water fountain to refill your water before or in-between flights. We recommend the Collapsable Water bottle from Uncommon Goods, which can hold 21 fluid ounces, is BPA, odor free and dishwasher safe. Just make sure when you do go through security checkpoints, check to see that there’s no water or other liquids in your water bottle, or else it will be tossed.

Consider Private Browsing

Did you know that by using a private browser, you will most likely see better prices when booking hotel stays or a tour? Websites have cookies that get stored on your devices, which can then trigger the site to raise prices for things you may have looked at previously. It’s a way companies are able to hike up prices, making you pay more without you realizing it. However, you can be foolproof with this travel hack!

Pack Smarter

One of the more older travel hacks out there is knowing how to pack as much as possible in a small piece of luggage. And depending on what you’re packing, there are tricks to help you fit even more of your personal belongings. For tips on how to pack your pants, coats, suits and more, check out our blog, The Best Packing Hacks.

Charge Your USB Devices in the TV

Have you ever forgotten your detachable plug or maybe even an international travel adaptor and need to charge your devices via a USB? Most hotels nowadays have TVs in the room that have USB plugs built-into the television, allowing you to charge your device without worrying about it dying (or buying an extra adaptor).

Copy Your Passport

Although you might not lose your passport, we can never be 100 percent safe from thieves trying to steal it (especially if you don’t keep it in your hotel’s safebox). As a result, making a copy of your passport while traveling internationally is strongly encouraged. This will be very helpful in identifying you if you need to go to a consulate in the case of an emergency.

Bring Your Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries are probably one of the most economical things you can own. They are not wasteful can be used over and over again, and are a great addition to your travel gear. If you bring something with you that requires batteries, make sure they are rechargeable. The travel hack is to store them in the fridge when not in use to keep the batteries charged even longer (up to 90 percent!).

Find Better Airport WiFi

Getting good WiFi at airports is difficult, which is why many end up going to a cafe or lounge that provides it just to connect to the Internet properly. However, if you download the WiFox app on your Apple or Android device, you can browse password protected WiFi hotspots throughout the whole world. Simply enter in your location, and you can see the passwords that have been stored in this app. It’s updated all the time, so make sure to keep checking back. You can also view the desktop version by clicking here.

Pack Crayons If Heading to a Forest or Jungle

This travel hack is a good one. Interestingly enough, crayons are able to burn and provide light when needed for about 30 minutes. It’s perfect for those of you heading out into the forest, jungle or even long car rides and need a backup in case a flashlight goes out. So don’t throw away that box of old crayons because they can be very useful!

Buy a LifeStraw Product

Having access to clean water when traveling is not always a given, which is why Lifestraw water bottle products are designed to save the day, no matter where in the world you go. The company has designed water bottles that trap and remove parasites, viruses, chemicals, bacteria, microplastics, and can even reduce heavy metals found in water. There are only a few steps involved, and depending on which product you buy, the simple processes on how to work the filter and drink the water varies (but it’s very easy).

What’s your favorite or go-to travel hack?