Thanks to technology and mobile devices, there are now a multitude of activities to keep you entertained while flying, which is very different compared to what was available 70 years ago. From eBooks and games to videos, films, and music, we now have access to anything and everything.

One popular way to not only help pass the time but also learn something new while you’re flying or driving long distances is to listen to podcasts. You can find a podcast for almost anything, but for those of you who are looking to discover more, we recommend you add these travel podcasts to your playlist this year.

Flight of Fancy

Flight of Fancy by Ben Groundwater is a great travel podcast to listen to if you like hearing anything from how to travel on a budget and scary stories told by travel experts, to destination tips and so much more. Each podcast is about 30 minutes and is very different from one another. You’ll never be bored!

The Budget-Minded Traveler

The Budget-Minded Traveler by Jackie Nourse is another terrific travel podcast option, where you’ll learn about some of the best insights on how to become a better, more frequent traveler. Jackie interviews different people each time, so you get to hear stories that will make or keep you inspired to see more of the world and everything it can offer you.

Travel Tales

Travel Tales by Mike Siegel is a very entertaining podcast that will make you want to listen to each traveler’s story. Each episode features a different person that tells of their adventures, be it horrifying, life-changing or absolutely mind-blowing experiences that don’t happen to just anyone. Plus, Mike releases an episode twice a week, so if you’ve yet to listen to the gripping tales, download them before your next trip. You won’t be disappointed!

Wild Ideas Worth Living

Wild Ideas Worth Living by Shelby Stanger is the type of travel podcast that will inspire you. Shelby focuses on “high-impact storytelling that empowers others to live their passions and get outside”. If you’ve ever wanted to take a risk and see the world, but need a boost to make this happen, then listen to each episode of this travel podcast. You’ll hear about people in the world who took a crazy idea and made it happen. Each story is meaningful and a must-listen, especially if you have a passion for travel.

What other travel podcasts do you love and would recommend?