Late last year, Lufthansa introduced a new concept for their business class cabin, and it’s one of the most luxurious premium seats we’ve seen from the German airline in a while. In order to keep up with the times and growth of business class passengers traveling on Lufthansa, the carrier recently opened another lounge to accommodate premium ticket holders in Frankfurt International Airport called the Panorama Lounge.

The Panorama lounge spans across 11,840 square feet of space and features elegant and high-end wood furnishings combined with beautiful leather. The colors are very much in-brand, with gold and brown tones, mixed in with some grey and browns. There’s plenty of natural light, and with the large windows that offer views of the runway, the lounge seems even bigger than it actually is.

Inside you will find a variety of seats spread throughout, a buffet, a self-serve bar, an enclosed smoking section, mini working spaces, areas to unwind, and four showers to keep you feeling fresh before the flight.

Since this lounge can house 40 percent more passengers once the other two lounges in Frankfurt International Airport are at their capacity, finding a seat should not be too difficult. Need to have a meeting? There’s a place for that. Need to walk around? The open space allows you to get in all your steps as well. It’s a great way to get your muscles moving before your long trip.

The product manager for Lufthansa Group, Dr. Andreas Otto, said that “by renting the Panorama Lounge we can once again offer our lounge guests the service they have come to expect from us.” Moreover, Lufthansa has “planned several further renovation and expansion measures in the lounge area at [their] Frankfurt hub, which will further improve the lounge experience for [their] guests”, uttered Otto.

Lufthansa Panorama Lounge is open Monday through Friday, from 6am to 9pm. Anyone holding a business class ticket on Lufthansa or on another Star Alliance airline, as well as those with a Miles & More Frequent Travellers status and higher, can access the new space.

For a tour, check out the video below, courtesy of The Globeguys.