We sometimes get the question, “why can’t I see prices instantaneously when I fill out my information,” or “I don’t want to give my contact information to get a quote.” Both of which are great questions to ask, but unlike an aggregator such as Expedia or Priceline, Business Class Consolidator is a consolidator agency.

If you don’t know a lot about the consolidator ticket industry, it’s important to also understand the difference between us and aggregators in order to better understand why we are different and how.


Many of you are familiar with aggregator websites such as Vayama.com or even CheapFlights.com, which allows you to input your dates of travel, to/from destination, number of passengers, class and if you’re flying one way, round trip, or to multiple destinations. Once that information is inserted, your browser window will populate with various prices across multiple carriers in just a few seconds. Aggregator websites use search engines to provide you with a list, but there are some downsides, which are important to note. The first is that the total price you see may not be the final price you pay, and you won’t find out until you’ve clicked through a few times. Another con is that there’s no personalization—you get what you get and the itinerary is not customizable based on your wants and needs. A third con for using aggregators is that they only have access to the information that’s already public (more on that under consolidator), and they can only pull data and prices that are available to anyone, anywhere. And lastly, you can’t guarantee great customer service if anything goes wrong!


Consolidators (like us!) are not aggregators and work a lot differently. You may have noticed, when visiting our site, we ask you to provide your email and phone number (along with your travel details) in order for our agents to get in touch with you. You may also notice that you will not get a quote instantaneously (within seconds) like you do on an aggregator website. The reason being, our agents need a little time (less than 24 hours) to search our database for the best deals available, based on your needs. Plus, we have access to unpublished fares that are not available to the public. Remember, the best time to a ticket with a high percentage off is one that’s “last-minute” (no more than 30 days before the flight date). Of course, we can always find you a flight in business and first class months out, but consolidators can find phenomenal rates for those who are looking to travel within a short timeframe.

Why use a consolidator? First, you get A-class customer service, even if you don’t purchase a ticket, and whenever you are ready to purchase, you will have a designated agent to do all the heavy lifting for you. Whenever you need a quote, just email your agent. Second, consolidators are able to work with complex itineraries that aggregators don’t have the ability to do. Plus, your itinerary is completely customizable, down to the T! Have specific questions about the airline or seat? Your personal agent is there to help. Third, we can get you a business or first class ticket for the fraction of the cost that you will not be able to find anywhere else (prices depend on what you’re looking for). Last, Consolidators can also provide group rates and work with other travel agents, secretaries or executive assistants. Consolidators are human and provide that human interaction, which can’t be found on a ticket aggregator website.

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