Last year, Singapore Airlines took the title for world’s longest flight, which was a big win for this five-star airline. But they are not the only carrier that offers longer than average flights that are actually noteworthy. Many airlines understand that traveling more than 12 to 13 hours can be cumbersome, so providing the best service and comfortable seats is a must. Although there are numerous airlines out there, only a few stand out.

Let’s take a look at the airlines that are making traveling further, for longer periods of time without stopping, a stress-free experience.

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand offers long-haul flights between Chicago, Illinois and Auckland, New Zealand with a flight time of 15 hours and 55 minutes. The total miles traveled equates to 8,183—now that’s a long trip! Air New Zealand uses their Dreamliner for this flight, allowing its passengers to enjoy all the amenities while relaxing in comfort. The Air New Zealand Dreamliner offers passengers in Economy the option to convert a row of seats into a “couch”, which is perfect for those traveling as a family and/or with kids. Premium economy passengers are able to unwind in comfortable luxury leather seats with a 9-inch recline and a large armrest. And for business class passengers, traveling for almost 16 hours is as good as it gets, with seats that convert into a fully-flat bed, an additional foam mattress, and even multi-course meals created by Michelin-star chefs.


Qantas also offers one of the best long-haul flight experiences, with its route between Perth, Australia and London, England, which is 17 hours and 20 minutes. The airline also uses its Dreamliner for this flight, which travels a total distance of 9,009 miles, longer than the Chicago-Aukland flight. Passengers sitting in Economy aboard the Qantas Dreamliner are able to sit in a seat that’s larger than other airlines with an adjustable headrest and bigger entertainment screens. Premium Economy seats are wider, offer an adjustable footrest and a few other little additions (i.e. more storage space and a ledge for your devices).

Business class passengers can enjoy Qantas’ newest business class seats, which were debuted in December of 2017, and are modern, comfortable and even more private than its predecessor. From larger, ergonomically seats that convert into fully-flat beds to a bar stocked with snacks and drinks, Qantas knows how to make traveling long distances in business class a breeze.

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific is another airline that offers one of the best long-haul flight experiences. This 15 hour and 20-minute flight is to/from JFK in New York to Hong Kong. Cathay Pacific uses the Boeing 777-300 to make this trip, which travels a total of 8,249 miles. The airplane is set up in four classes—Economy, Premium Economy, Business and First—where each class is equipped with various amenities such as ergonomically designed seats, more leg room, large touch-screens (even in Economy), fantastic meals, and excellent service no matter how much you paid for your ticket. Plus, their list of entertainment and delicious snacks make flying 15 hours easier than one might imagine.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines has taken the number one spot in flying the longest route. Their (almost) 19-hour flight goes between Newark, New Jersey and Singapore, with a total distance traveled of 9,537 miles. Singapore Airlines uses their A350-900ULR, which offers 67 seats in business class and 94 seats in Premium Economy. There is no basic Economy seat for this ultra-long-haul flight, which is a good move for Singapore Airlines. The carrier wants to make sure their passengers are more than comfortable, and by only offering premium and business class seats, each traveler can enjoy the long journey with excellent amenities, food, and service provided by the staff. Moreover, the interior of the cabin offers high ceilings along with mood lighting to help passengers ease into an entirely different timezone.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways also provides its passengers with one of the best long-haul flight experiences for their 16-hour flight between Doha, Qatar and Houston, Texas. The airline uses their Boeing 777-200LR to travel a total of 8,048 miles, which has the updated Qsuite business class seat that can convert into a double bed. But even if you’re not sitting in business class, Economy offers passengers one of the largest amounts of space for your legs for Economy (34 inches) in a preferable layout of 3-3-3. There are only two classes for this aircraft, but regardless of where you’re sitting, Qatar Airways provides superior services and amenities not found on many other airlines. And with more than 4,000 entertainment options and five-star cuisines, flying an average of 16 hours aboard Qatar Airways won’t seem so bad, after all.

Have you ever flown one of these flight routes with these airlines? What was your experience like? If not, what’s your favorite long-haul flight?