If you’re flying in first class on Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines or SWISS Airlines, or are a member of HON Circle, and will be in Frankfurt International Airport (FRA) with several hours to kill, then grab your belongings and head over to Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal lounge.

This is a standalone lounge outside of the airline terminals, accessible via foot or a short taxi ride. Once inside, a personal assistant will be assigned to you, which will be able to let you know (in person, not over a PA system) when your flight is close to starting the boarding process. Plus, they will go with you through security and do all the checking-in for you.

But the personal assistant isn’t the only perk, let’s take a look at the other amenities available inside Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal lounge that spans 19,375 square feet of space.

There’s more than enough seating around, and since there are two other first class lounges in the airport terminals (this one makes it three, although separate), you will find yourself one of only a handful of customers utilizing the space at the same time. From chaises and seats to couches and barstools, Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal lounge has various options to make you feel comfortable no matter what you’ll be doing there for the next few hours.

Aside from open seating, there are also secluded rooms designed for those who really need to close themselves off to take calls, hold a conference or just work away at that last-minute project.

Is this the time to not think about work? Then grab a seat at the bar, serving over 130 different types of whiskeys as well as other liquors, wines and champagnes. Want to keep hydrated? The lounge offers over 21 different options for water so you won’t have to stick to a basic brand or flavor during your stay. If you feel like having your drink at another location inside the lounge, just ask your personal assistant or another staff member nearby—they’ll bring it right to you.

Near the bar, you’ll find the dining area, set up with white table cloths and high-end chinaware. You can enjoy a meal a la carte, or select delicious eats from the buffet. Enjoy a Wiener Schnitzel, homemade and healthy salads, fresh, cold-cut meats, filet mignon, various pasta dishes and even a seasonal menu that constantly changes.

If you have a sweet tooth, there are plenty of dessert options, but one of our favorites are the six gummy bear towers, located near the bar.

Another amenity in the lounge are the two private rooms (with a door), featuring a chair, table, luggage stand and a chaise lounge for you to lay down and catch some zzz’s. You’ll get a clean pillow and sheets to use while you’re inside. One thing to note is that these rooms are on a first come first serve basis, so if you’re feeling a bit tired, check their availability as soon as you get into the Lufthansa First Class Terminal lounge if you do want to utilize it.

The lounge also features four bathrooms with a bath, shower, toilet and sink—everything you would need in order to freshen up before your next flight. If you need a piece of clothing ironed, just ask your personal assistant or another staff member, and they’ll get it done for you fairly quickly.

Lufthansa doesn’t forget about the children, either. Those flying as a family can take their children to the kid zone for them to play in and stay entertained.

Aside from the play area for kids, Lufthansa First Class Terminal lounge also offers its customers its own duty-free shop and a Cigar Room, both of which are located right before you go through the terminal security checkpoint. You have everything you need all in one area!

Next time you’re flying first class on Lufthansa, opt for the Terminal lounge versus the other two lounges (located inside the main terminal)— you won’t be disappointed!

For a full tour, check out the video below, courtesy of The First Class Travel Guide.