Air New Zealand is known for having some very well-designed lounges, including their more recent one that opened up two years ago in Melbourne Airport. Nonetheless, their flagship lounge at Auckland International Airport is also another favorite, featuring a contemporary design that’s welcoming, comfortable and high end.

What makes the Air New Zealand Auckland Lounge even better is the view, which faces the runway (previously this view belonged to the airport only). Plus, there’s an enclosed patio with a fireplace that’s accessible at any time of the year. If you prefer to be inside, there are numerous areas for you to grab a seat, be it in the TV lounge, dining area, on one of the daybeds or in the work zones.

Air New Zealand is known for having very colorful lounges, and the one in Auckland is not shy of showing off some bright spurts of pinks and purples. Spanning across 22,604 square feet, the lounge offers seating options for up to 375 travelers. Let’s take a look inside on what this lounge has to offer anyone who steps inside.

The dining area is large, featuring a buffet, coffee station serving various coffee-based drinks, and an open kitchen where you can see the chef preparing all the delicious meals. If you are hungry, the buffet has various hot meals, sandwiches, fresh fruit, wraps, salads (both pre-made and a make-your-own station), bread, soup and other snacks.

The coffee section is unique because you can order your drink either using the carrier’s app or the tablet that’s located on the station’s counter. When you put in your order, you will get a notification on when your drink will be ready for pickup.

The Air New Zealand Auckland Lounge dining area also has a full-service bar serving liquor, sparkling wine and wine from New Zealand wineries. However, the bar doesn’t serve any champagne.

Using the lounge for business? There’s free WiFi, plenty of desks, laptops available for rent and even printers. Air New Zealand Auckland Lounge has plenty of USB and AC power outlets to keep your devices charged at all times, as well as wireless charging stations for those who have a device with that ability.

If you’ve been up for hours, are in transit or just tired, grab a spot on one of the daybeds located in the quieter part of the lounge. If those are taken, try obtaining one of the few hanging chair hammocks where you can relax in right before your flight.

Those of you traveling with kids don’t need to worry about keeping them entertained. The Air New Zealand Auckland Lounge has a two-story playroom with seating options for adults to watch over their children.

The lounge is also equipped with a large TV room, although it’s not enclosed in any way, plenty of reading materials throughout, and even shower suites to freshen up in.

Air New Zealand Auckland Lounge is open from 4:30am to the last airplane departure. The lounge is accessible to those flying in business class on Air New Zealand, or are members of Airpoints™ Elite, Gold, Elite Partner and Koru.

Have you had the pleasure to enjoy this facility? If so, how was your experience?