Dreamliners are known to have one of the best products when it comes to business and first class seats. When an airline purchases new Boeing 787s, passengers can usually expect a refined seat that’s better than any other in the airline’s fleet. Although this isn’t always the case, Saudia is one of those carriers that does offer a brilliant business class seat on their Dreamliners.

These seats are as good as those found in first class on other airlines, with a pitch of 78 inches and a width of 21 inches—plenty of room for passengers of all sizes. Saudia business class is designed using Collins Aerospace Super Diamond seat but with added personal touches to suit the brand.

Their Dreamliner has 24 business class seats in a reverse herringbone and 1-2-1 configuration, allowing all travelers to access the aisle without having to climb over their neighbor.

Each seat is equipped with various storage compartments. The largest one with a lid (located to the side) can be lifted to not only place your personal items inside such as wallet and phone, but this is also where you’ll find the control for the TV, USB and AC outlets. On the same side, but near your shoulder, you will find a personal light that turns on by pushing it out.

Whenever you’re ready to relax and sleep, simply press the touch screen on the side of the chair to adjust yourself to the perfect position—be it fully-flat or somewhere in between. Even if you don’t end up sleeping, Saudia business class seat has a 17-inch TV screen with over 3,500 hours of entertainment to keep you occupied throughout the entire flight. Aside from movies and shows, you have the option to listen to music, play games, enjoy the view of the outside via built-in cameras, or shop duty-free.

Other Saudia business class features include a large table that pulls out from underneath the TV screen and a small seat on the opposite end to rest your feet or pillow and blanket when not in use. If you’re sitting in one of the two seats in the middle row, there’s an adjustable divider to provide you with extra privacy, especially if you’re traveling solo.

Travelers who are lucky enough to grab a premium seat on Saudia’s Dreamliner are guaranteed a wonderful and pleasant experience during the entire flight. You shall not be disappointed!

Looking for a virtual tour? Check out the video below, courtesy of Saudia.