Having the right gear while traveling is a must—be it headphones, shoes, jacket, carry-on or something else. A backpack is another item to add to the list because let’s face it, we all end up using one when we travel, and sometimes more than once. Backpacks can be versatile, you can use it as a carry-on if you end up checking in a bag, like an extra piece of storage for backpacking through cities, or even for hiking up hills and through forests in international destinations.

So to help you find the right backpack for traveling, no matter if you’re more of the adventurer type or just a city explorer, we’ve searched the best ones available on Amazon for a very affordable price.


YORPEK has designed one of the best travel backpacks that’s TSA-friendly, with a zipper than unzips 180 degrees for easy laptop removal and any other large electronics packed in the middle section (no more digging around). The backpack also offers a USB charging port that you can connect to an external battery inside (not included), and then connect your device on the outside. There’s also a separate hole for headphones. YORPEK backpack is made from durable material that won’t rip, is ergonomically designed for comfortable wear, has a designated space for a 17-inch laptop, and features over twenty compartments in various sizes. Plus, it’s available in seven different colors.

Price: $55.99 on Amazon


Another best travel backpack is made by Mancro. It’s designed to keep your personal items safe, thanks to the combination lock and zippers made from metal. Like the YORPEK, this Mancro backpack also has a built-in USB cable to charge your devices (external battery not included), a section to hold a laptop up to 17-inchs, as well as several pockets—three on the outside and nine on the inside. The material is made from nylon and is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about anything getting ruined in case you get caught in the rain. Looking for one with a bit more personality? Choose one of seven different colors, including camouflage and grey tie-dye.

Price: $28.98 on Amazon


Last but not least on our list of best travel backpacks is the Outlander. What makes this backpack a perfect addition to your travel gear is that it can be folded into a small bag that you can take and place in almost any bag. Once folded, it measures 6.29 x 5.90 x 2 inches. And with the most recent upgrade, the Outlander backpack now offers an even more durable material that won’t rip (in the inside or out). At the same time, rain or any other water that may get on it will not seep through—perfect for that last-minute hike! Although it doesn’t have as many compartments as the other two above, there are a total of five different pockets, one of which is a hidden one to keep your valuables in. Plus, there are over 13 different colors/ styles available.

Price: up to $27 on Amazon