Austrian Airlines may not have the best business class seat out there, but it’s not a bad option for those flying from Austria to the US. If you do find yourself aboard Austrian Airlines business class, you’ll either be flying on the Boeing 767 or the Boeing 777, both of which have the same exact business class seat but different configurations.

The Boeing 767 has a 1-2-1, whereas the Boeing 777 has two configurations that alternate from a 1-2-1 to a 2-2-2, which means you may end up sitting in an unfavorable seat if you book too late. However, if you’re not traveling solo, then the two seats next to each other may be the best option.

Austrian Airlines business class does allow you to get restful sleep because it can convert into a fully-flat bed measuring 74-inches long and 21-inches wide. However, the space between the seats for the ones in the middle row or any 2-2 configuration is a little tighter than you would find on other airlines in premium cabins.

Around the seat, you’ll find two lights you have control over—one above you and one below—as well as another separate light perfect for those who like a dimmer light while sleeping. Austrian Airlines business class also has various storage spaces, including the small side cupboard and a few open pockets around the seat for your laptop, water bottle and another one by your feet.

Other features include a 15-inch TV screen offering the latest films and some classics to keep you entertained. Plus, there are also games, music, duty-free shopping and a special entertainment section dedicated to kids. The seats are also equipped with excellent noise-canceling headphones with three prongs. If you bring your own headphones, make sure you have an adaptor because your single pronged headphone will only allow the noise to go to one ear.

When it comes to amenities, Austrian Airlines doesn’t fall short. Each seat will have a large, full-sized pillow along with a thick blanket to keep you warm. As for the kit, depending on the direction you are going, your kit bag can vary but the content inside stays the same. The amenity kit includes Austrian designer, Edition Edelweiss, face cream and lip balm, earplugs, eye mask, pen, tissue paper, toothpaste, toothbrush and socks. To make you feel even more comfortable, business class passengers will also be able to change out of their clothes and put on some comfortable airline-provided pajamas and slippers.

Combine all that with good service and food, and you will have an enjoyable flight across the Atlantic.

For a virtual tour, check out the video below, courtesy of TravelSort.