Last year, Virgin Atlantic announced a new upper class cabin for the A330, but it just revealed an even more phenomenal upper class for the A350. Set to debut on the London-New York route this August, the new seats are configured in a 1-2-1 layout with every seat having a window to themselves.

Virgin Atlantic A350 upper class seat has been specifically designed for the airline, which resulted in a uniquely semi-suite that’s luxurious and comfortable. The new A350 upper class seat has a herringbone design with all seats facing forward, and although there are no doors, the two seats in the middle do have a privacy window that completely separates the two seats.

There are a total of 44 Virgin Atlantic A350 upper class seats featuring an entertainment screen that flips out and measures 18.5 inches (twice the size of the current one), a good-sized compartment for your feet underneath the screen, and LED lights that can be controlled individually in each seat. If you do plan on watching the latest film or show, you will have to pull the screen out from the side and store it during takeoff and landing.

When it comes down to space, you will find yourself with plenty of room to move around and never feel uncomfortably confined. Moreover, there’s an open cupboard on one side with two selves, as well as a few more storage spaces around the seat to store your phone, tablet, keys, or any other loose items you’re carrying with you.

As one might expect, Virgin Atlantic A350 upper class seats can convert into an 82-inch fully-flat bed, a little larger than many other business class seats. In order to enjoy the luxurious space and bed, each passenger will get a mattress, a large pillow and duvet. If you want to get out of your travel clothes, pajama tops (long or short sleeve) and bottoms (either shorts or pants), can be ordered before the flight. Looking for a t-shirt and pants? No problem, want a long-sleeve and short pajama bottoms? That’s fine too—customize your pajama order just how you like it.

One other significant change on Virgin Atlantic A350 upper class is the removal of the bar, which has been replaced with “The Loft”. This small area is designed for upper class passengers to relax and enjoy their time away from their seat—similar to that found on Etihad A380. The Loft features an entertainment screen measuring 32-inches, which connects to Bluetooth headphones so that everyone else in the cabin doesn’t have to hear the noise coming from the latest film or game playing. If you find yourself in this space, you will be able to have tea during teatime, as well as sip on a cocktail drink, or dine on a meal amongst other fellow travelers. If you’re shy, it’s a fun place to start up an interesting conversation with a stranger.

This Virgin Atlantic A350 upper class will only be available on the new A350s. The current A350s the airline has in its fleet will not be renovated. Virgin Atlantic plans on purchasing a total of twelve new A350s in the next three years, which will fly on other routes that have yet to be determined.

Are you excited to test out the new upper class as much as we are?

For a full tour of the new seat, check out the video below, courtesy of Virgin Atlantic.