AIM Altitude, a designer and developer of airplane interiors just released a new concept called Utraflex, created for extremely long flights (the current longest flight is 19 hours on Singapore Airlines).

The concept incorporates a lot of social interaction, allowing passengers to get up from their seat and engage their body and mind in various zones. These zones can include a bar, workout or meditation space, communal and semi-private seating areas, self-service food station and work desks. Let’s take a look at these zones a bit more closely.

(Video source: AIM Altitude / YouTube)

Above is the visionary concept of the social zone all put together. Ultraflex is designed to give passengers the most amount of space to move around and be active outside of their seat. Plus, it’s a great way to meet other travelers and help feel less confined to your seat space.

The entertainment area has a large TV screen, a bar with various alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks (such as coffee, tea and other coffee-based concoctions). The Ultraflex entertainment space concept also has standup bar tables to accommodate the crowd, which can gather and watch the latest game while sipping on their favorite drink.

Across from the bar is a self-serve snack and drink station to keep you hydrated and satisfied. Now, you don’t have to ask the flight attendant for another round. And with an open-fridge concept, you can see everything right there.

The Ultraflex semi-private dining area is intimate, developed to be shared with two people, although a family of four with small children can also fit in these seats. But eating isn’t the only thing you can do here, Ultraflex dining zone can also be used as a conference/ meeting room for those who need to chat with several colleagues that are also on the flight with them. Or, maybe you just need the space to host an online conference.

The workout or meditation zone—depending on what you want to do—is perfect for those who want to stretch out their muscles, pray or meditate. This space has been designed to be very quiet so passenger and aircraft noise will not disturb you. Moreover, the material that the wellness zone is made out of is terribly comfortable, just don’t fall asleep inside. In order to allow everyone a chance to utilize the space, passengers can reserve it via their entertainment screen or online before the flight.

Those who want to browse the internet or get some work done while also moving can utilize the Ultraflex workspace, featuring a desk, seat, muscle roller and built-in cycling pedals. That way, you can stay active, get the blood flowing, and parts of your body moving while working on that last project or just simply surfing the Internet.

With more airlines looking to add ultra-long-haul flights to their list, the Ultraflex concept is the perfect solution to help keep their passengers healthy, entertained, and wanting to come back for more. Wouldn’t you?