A couch as a seat on an airplane that’s not a lounge? This may have been a far dream for premium passengers, but Airbus has developed a couch concept for business class seats that has airlines intrigued.

Together, Airbus and Geven (a seat creator), developed the “Settee Corner”, a multi-purpose couch that can be used to sleep, eat, work and watch TV while feeling as comfortable as one would as if they were sitting on their own personal couch back home.

Settee Corner Airbus couch

The Airbus couch concept has taken the same layout that you would find in economy, but features more space to store belongings both around the seat and above, a large TV and a bigger table to dine on. The seat also has two sets of seatbelts—one for takeoff/landing and the other for laying flat to sleep so that passengers are safe at all times during the flight.

The Airbus couch concept is much lighter than current business class seats by about half and allows travelers to have an extra 76 inches of space than traditional business class seats. Due to the design, the seat doesn’t recline at all (like some couches at home), however, there’s no need to have the recline since the seat turns into a bed by lifting the side panels up to level the seat. Since the couch takes up an entire row, direct-aisle access to each traveler is a given.

The seat section next to the window does lift up, revealing a large storage space to keep personal belongings safe and out of sight. The Airbus couch concept is only just a concept, but Airbus does hope that airlines will soon opt for this seat in order to accommodate premium passengers during long-haul travel.

Would you sit in this type of business class seat?