Butterfly Flexible Seating Solutions designs seating concepts for airlines, trains and other forms of transportation. One of their most exquisite concepts is called Peacock, and it defines extravagance. Better than Singapore Airlines First Class Suite and even the new Emirates First Class Suite, the Peacock first class concept is a residence apartment 30,000 feet above the ground that’s suited for a private jet.

Created to fit aircraft such as the Boeing 777 or the Airbus A350, the Peacock first class concept is shaped like half of a circle and designed for the front of the plane, with one on each side of the aircraft. It’s so private that the two have a single, separate entrance away from the other cabins. It’s like no other experience you can imagine on a commercial airline.

The Peacock first class concept spans 35 square feet of space—enough for a family of four. Each suite features long curtains that block out all the outside light, and a spacious closet that can hold more than just a coat and/or garment bag, a section for shoes and another one for a small bag or briefcase. The closet also has a full-sized mirror and a chair to sit on.

Next to the closet is a mini living room with two couches opposite each other, two flat-screen televisions on each end, and three windows that bring in plenty of natural light.

The Peacock first class concept living room can also be used as a dining area. The large table can be removed from the side and stored when not in use. The living room is equipped with several storage spaces underneath the benches to store all sorts of personal items—it’s a home away from home.

Since the Peacock first class concept allows two full suites on a single airplane, one suite can be used as the bedroom, and the other as a living/social space. It’s ideal for a large family or party traveling together.

Nonetheless, if both suites are occupied separately, each one still has its own full bed to sleep two comfortably, and a bunk bed can be configured above in order to accommodate those traveling with small children. That way, everyone can sleep well without trying to squeeze more than two adults on a single bed.

Aside from the bedroom and mini living room, each of the two suites has its own ultra lux lavatory with plenty of space for one person to move around. However, the Peacock first class concept doesn’t show any onboard shower stalls.

If you’re flying all over the world or just part of it, the Peacock first class concept is remarkable and a game-changer, albeit costly! Nonetheless, if one or two airlines adopt this first class suite, it may end up being the best one on the market. Wouldn’t you agree?