Asiana Airlines is a certified five-star airline with a luxurious first class seat and excellent service. When it comes to Asiana business class, you can expect comfort and plenty of space to move around. Regardless if you’re flying in business on an A380, Boeing 777 or A350, all three aircraft feature a 1-2-1 configuration with direct aisle access.

Although not the most beautifully decorated cabin compared to first class, Asiana business class does offer you soft tones of gold and grey to ease you into a restful flight, regardless if you end up sleeping or not. And with a seat pitch of 80.4 inches and width of 20.2 inches on the A380, flying for more than 10 hours on some routes will seem like a breeze. (The A350 has a pitch of 77 inches and a width of 22 inches, whereas the Boeing 777 has a pitch of 80.4 inches and width of 20.2 inches.)

If you’re looking for more privacy, choose one of the seats closest to the window (the other single seat is closer to the aisle); if flying with a partner or fellow traveler, choose one of the seats in the middle that’s closer together or further apart if you want some distance.

The Asiana business class seat features an 18.5-inch entertainment screen where you can watch recent films, shows and documentaries as well as listen to music and play games. The screen can be controlled via a touchscreen handheld device that also has a mini screen on it, which detracts from the side and connected via a wire.

The seat also offers hidden storage on the side, a large space underneath the footrest for your briefcase or backpack, personal reading light, a tray table that folds out from the front (an unusual design), large side table, headphone jack and USB and AC outlets, a cup holder separated from the table, controls to adjust your seat in any way you like plus three easy pre-set controls.

Aside from the seat, travelers sitting in Asiana business class will receive an amenity kit with L’Occitane products such as hand cream, refreshing cloth and lip balm, as well as other basics including facial tissue, earplugs, socks, slippers, hairbrush, toothpaste and toothbrush all in a case that can later be used for your mini-tablet. The inside is made with a soft protected material to keep your tablet from any scratches. Unfortunately, business class passengers do not receive any pajamas.

When it comes down to food, Asiana business class passengers can choose from Western dishes such as sea bass with vegetables, mushroom cannelloni, burrata with a pesto and balsamic drizzle and caramel cheesecake. Or, you can dine on traditional Korean dishes such as Ssambap (bulgogi beef with rice and veggies), rice porridge with rice sesame, and even Kkultrarae (fine strands of honey and sweet nut filling). Combine that with friendly, attentive service, and you’ll have a pleasant experience.

Overall, Asiana business class is a great option for those flying to/from the U.S. and South Korea. So go ahead, book your premium seat on Asiana Airlines to Aisa and see for yourself!

For a tour of the Asiana Airlines business class, preview the video below, courtesy of SANspotter.