Air France has been awarded the best airline in the world for onboard catering in first class as well as the best airline for first class amenities and best first class lounge dining for 2019. And although the airline didn’t win the world’s best first class lounge, it did make it to the top ten at number four.

This leads us to their La Premiere First Class Lounge in Paris, which is high-end, modern, elegantly designed and nothing short of exceptional. From red and white leather throughout to quiet areas, five-star dining and private toilets, this is what you can expect inside Air France La Premiere First Class Lounge in Paris.

Upon entering Air France La Premiere First Class Lounge in Paris, you are greeted by friendly staff who will check you in and lead you into the main room where you’ll see plenty of seating. There’s a bigger space with a large TV screen where you can watch the latest news and a smaller area that has couches and chairs—all of which are very comfortable.

There’s a hallway that you can walk down to find a quiet zone with chaise chairs for you to rest on, surrounded by semi-private “walls” on each side of the seat. This quiet zone also has two beds with sheets, blanket and pillows that can be utilized for those of you who are extra-tired. Whether you’re here to de-stress or to get through some work tasks, you can find exactly what you need in all the little nooks throughout Air France La Premiere First Class Lounge.

Since Air France is an award-winning airline when it comes down to their cuisine served both onboard and in their lounges, the meals found here are absolutely mouthwatering. Those of you who will end up inside Air France La Premiere First Class Lounge are lucky to enjoy meals designed by the 3 Michelin Star Chef, Alain Ducasse. Meals vary but can include duck foie gras, black truffle toasted chicken sandwich, crayfish fricassee, grilled pig with black pudding and Monte-Carlo bab with rum or Armagnac. Plus, if you have unique allergies or dietary needs, you can call a day or two ahead and request something special made just for you. How’s that for a lounge?

Aside from the a-la-carte menu, you can also grab appetizers or other foods right away from a buffet area.

Looking to enjoy a drink outside of the dining area? Head over to the red-lit bar with tons of whiskey options as well as other liquors, wines and champagne. You can enjoy your drink anywhere in the lounge but this is a fun place to hang out, too.

If you really want to relax, book a treatment in advance at the Air France La Premiere First Class Lounge spa called Biologique Recherche. Guests can receive a free facial, massage or any other treatment up to 30 minutes (anything longer will need to be paid for). The spa is only open from 7:30am to 1pm and from 2pm to 4:30pm.

We love a good restroom and toilet area, especially ones that are not only private but are also equipped with showers, toiletries, slippers and a luxurious robe. Air France La Premiere First Class Lounge offers four showers, which don’t have to be reserved. If one is open, then go right in! If you’ve already had an excellent massage, then go ahead and feel even more refreshed after a good, warm shower.

For a virtual tour throught the Air France La Premiere First Class Lounge, check out the video below, courtesey of Air France Corporate.